Kids' Running Clothes

Our kids' running clothes offer your little one the wings of freedom they need to develop their passion for the sport. Discover the perfect running clothes designed for maximum mobility that let children run, jump and move without hindrance. They are the embodiment of joyful laughter, the breath of tireless energy. Discover our selection!

Kids' Running Wear that Celebrates Individuality and Fuels Creativity

Every piece in our kids' running wear collection reflects their personality. With playful patterns and vibrant colours, they're designed to celebrate every child's individuality. They're a merry-go-round of creativity, a canvas for self-expression at fair prices. Find the running clothes that suit you best at Decathlon.

The shield against the elements for girls and boys

Our kids’ running clothes are a shield from the weather element. Made using technical fabrics, find running jackets and windbreakers that protect against the cold, wind, and sun and offer a layer of comfort whatever the weather. They're a safe haven during a storm or a refresh

ing shade under a blazing sun.


Kids' Running Clothes that Echo Energy, Trace Movement, and Encourage Total Freedom in Every Step

Every garment in our kids’ line of clothing is made for ultimate mobility. Their flexible material remembers every sprint, every step, every movement. They are the echo of exploits, the trace of energy. Find the perfect pair of running shorts

, so your little one will be able to run in total freedom.


Kids’ running clothes designed for adventure

Our kids’ running clothes are the perfect call to adventure. Ready for every challenge, every new discovery, they're the ideal companion for every little adventurer. They're the compass of discovery, the whistle of a wonderful journey.

Kids' Running Clothes Designed with Soft, Breathable Fabrics for Optimal Comfort and Dryness

Comfort is at the heart of our kids' running clothes. We’ve designed running shirts, shorts, and pants made with soft, breathable fabrics designed to keep kids comfortable and dry, whether the run is long or short. They're the soft whisper of comfort, the warm embrace of well-