Hidden Comfort: Unleash Performance with Our Running Underwear

The secret to enjoyable running and training often lies in the invisible details, like underwear. Our running underwear for men and women is the secret ingredient of comfort. Made from soft, breathable fabrics, they provide a feeling of optimal well-being, like a constant caress on your skin.

Experience the Ultimate Freedom in our Ergonomic Running Underwear

Our running underwear is designed to follow your movements. We create running briefs and boxers, bras, and underwear with ergonomic designs to offer total freedom of movement, like a second skin that accompanies every stride and every bend. They embody the fluidity and grace o

f movement, for a sensation of lightness with every step, as well as providing incredible comfort and support.


Running underwear for men and women: The aesthetics of the invisible

Even if they remain hidden under your running sportswear, our running underwear never forgets the importance of aesthetics. Their sleek, modern design, combined with a range of subtle colours, testifies to the attention paid to every detail. With our underwear, style is an aff

air that's also experienced underneath.


The guardian of performance

Running underwear isn't just about comfort, it's also the guardian of your performance. Their innovative technology helps maintain an ideal body temperature, promotes air circulation and wicks away perspiration. Every detail has been thought out, so you can concentrate on your

running and only your running. Discover our breathable running socks to keep your feet cool and comfy whenever your feet hit the pavement.


Running underwear for women and men: An ally for every season

Every season in Canada offers a unique challenge. Our running underwear for women and men is there to accompany you, whatever the weather. We've thought of everything from lightweight models for summer to warmer pieces with wool for winter so that you can run with ease all yea

r round. Drop by Decathlon and find the perfect running sports bra, briefs, or shorts for your running adventure!