Running Tights & Leggings

Let your steps guide you to success with our running tights and leggings. These sports fashion gems combine the flexibility of movement with the elegance of innovative design. They symbolize the strength and constant quest for innovation in the world of sport.

Women’s and men’s running tights: The perfect blend of comfort and performance

Our selection of women's and men’s running tights and leggings is designed to combine comfort and performance. Made of high-quality fabrics that offer unrivalled softness and excellent moisture management, allowing runners to concentrate on their running and move with ease.

Dive into a World of Colours: Express Your Passion with Our Vibrant Running Pants

Immerse yourself in a world of bold colours that reflect your passion for running. Whether a fiery red or a peaceful blue, we offer running pants, tights, and leggings in multiple colours, with each shade having been carefully chosen to express your drive and determination. 

Discover all our running bottoms and choose according to the weather and your preferences! 


Optimal fit for complete freedom of movement

Every runner has a unique body shape. That's why our running tights and leggings are available in different sizes to suit everyone. They mould perfectly to the contours of your body, offering optimum freedom of movement and unrivalled performance. 

Find the perfect running shorts, tights, and shirts for maxim flexibility on the track.


Running leggings and tights designed for all weather conditions

Our running leggings and tights are designed to withstand all types of Canadian weather conditions. We design running clothes that maintain their shape and effectiveness even after intensive use, helping you to stay focused, whatever the weather.

Reflect Your Commitment to Running with Our Track Socks and Running Tights

It's time to put on your track socks and running tights and hit the road. These garments reflect your commitment to running and your relentless pursuit of excellence. May every kilometre you run be a triumph of yo

ur passion and perseverance.