Men's & Women's Ski Socks

When you're hitting the unpredictable Canadian ski slopes, one thing is essential – staying warm and comfortable. Our ski socks are designed to keep your feet toasty in the harshest winter conditions. Crafted with a blend of premium materials, including Merino wool and synthetic fibres, they offer unbeatable insulation without the bulk.

Stay dry and fresh all day long

Our men’s and women’s ski socks don't just keep you warm; they keep you dry, too. Thanks to advanced moisture-wicking technology, these socks effectively draw sweat away from your skin, preventing uncomfortable moisture buildup. Say goodbye to clammy feet and hello to a fresh, dry sensation that lasts all day, so you can focus on conquering the slopes.

Perfect fit for unmatched performance

Designed with a snug yet flexible fit, our ski socks ensure maximum control over your ski boots. You'll feel like you're gliding on air with every turn, glide, and jump. Plus, the reinforced heel and toe areas provide added durability, so you can enjoy season after season of f

lawless performance. Find warm ski pants and bibs to stay warm and dry all day long!


Fashion meets function with women’s ski socks

Not only do our women’s ski socks excel in functionality, but they also make a stylish statement. With a variety of trendy colours and patterns to choose from, you can showcase your personal style while staying warm. Discover our ski leggings and tights

, socks, and other essentials to elevate your winter wardrobe through fashion and function.


Men’s ski socks designed for Canadian winters

When it comes to Canadian winters, our men’s ski socks are your ultimate companion. They're designed for the rugged conditions and biting cold that Canada is famous for. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice hitting the slopes, trust in our ski socks to keep you cozy and c

omfortable. Explore our collection of ski jackets and coats, base layers and other accessories to keep the cold at bay as you conquer the mountain.


Drop by Decathlon and experience the difference today

Don't let cold feet hold you back – invest in the best. Our ski socks are a must-have for any winter adventure. Discover our collection of ski clothing and join the legions of satisfied customers who have experienced the warmth, comfort, and style that only Decathlon can provi

de. So drop by the store nearest you and start getting your wardrobe ready!