Ski Gloves & Mittens

Feel the thrill of the snowy Canadian winter wonderland with our top-tier ski gloves. Crafted for avid winter enthusiasts, our gloves seamlessly blend functionality with style. Each pair delivers unmatched comfort and protection against the biting cold. At Decathlon, we want you to focus on your skiing experience, instead of finding creative ways to keep your hands warm.

Enjoy exceptional warmth and comfort

Our men’s and women’s ski gloves are designed to keep your hands toasty even in the harshest winter conditions. The innovative insulation technology ensures you enjoy long hours on the slopes without feeling the cold bite. In addition, our ski gloves are tailored to fit snugly, providing unrivalled comfort and dexterity.

Ski mittens and gloves designed for uncompromising durability

When braving the unforgiving Canadian winter, you need ski gear that can endure all types of unpredictable elements. Our women’s and men’s ski mittens are constructed with premium materials that are not only durable but also water-resistant, ensuring they last through multiple

seasons of adventure without losing their integrity. So, grab your ski goggles, slip on your gloves and attack those hills!


Enhanced grip and control

Conquer the slopes with confidence as our ski gloves offer superior grip, allowing you to maintain full control of your equipment. Whether you're racing downhill or mastering intricate turns, our gloves will give you the precision and stability you need. 

Find a matching neck warmer to stay both cozy and stylish on the slopes.


Stylish women’s and men’s ski gloves

Skiing isn't just about performance; it's also a fashion statement. Our gloves come in a range of designs and colours, so you can hit the slopes with flair. Pair them with a skiing hat or beanie and stylishly stand out from the crowd while enjoying all the practical benefits o

ur gloves offer.


Trust Decathlon for your outdoor winter attire

Don't let the cold weather ruin your winter adventures. Drop by the Decathlon store nearest you and discover a ski clothes collection that caters to all your outdoor winter needs. Or check out our online store and enhance your wardrobe, so you can remain warm, comfortable, and

stylish through the entire snowy season.