Hiking Sandals

Quality footwear for every adventurer

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just getting started, discover hiking shoes and sandals that offer a blend of style and functionality that suits every adventurer. The breathability and sturdy construction make them ideal for the temperamental Canadian climate, from the lush forests of British Columbia to the rocky trails of Newfoundland.

Hiking sandals to keep your feet cool all summer long

Our hiking sandals are designed to provide comfort, breathability, and versatility during the Canadian hiking season. Whether you prefer hiking during cool mornings or under the midday sun, you'll find our hiking sandals to be the perfect choice. Keep up your outdoor adventure

as the colder weather sets in; explore our collection of hiking winter boots, and stay and active all year round.


Long-lasting and durable hiking sandals

The rugged Canadian wilderness can be unforgiving, but your hiking sandals for men and women are built to withstand it all. With strong, non-slip soles and reinforced materials, they'll keep up with your adventures no matter how strenuous. From traversing rocky shores to conqu

ering steep mountain passes, these hiking sandals offer the support you need.


Hiking sandals for the whole family

Canadian trails are an open invitation for family adventures. Fortunately, our hiking sandals for kids are designed with the same care and quality, ensuring your youngsters can explore nature with ease while keeping their feet secure and comfortable. At Decathlon, you'll find

everything to keep everyone’s feet warm, dry, and sturdy on your family activities.


Experience comfort and freedom on the trails

In a country as big as ours, there's a world of exploration at your feet, waiting to be discovered. At Decathlon, you’ll discover a variety of hiking gear, enabling you to experience the natural wonders of this country without compromise. So whether you need new hiking sandals

, bags, coats, or accessories, we’ve got it all. Drop by the Decathlon nearest you and start planning your adventure today!