Men's & Women's Snowboard Leggings and Tights

Bundle up this winter with our cozy snowboard leggings, the perfect blend of fashion and functionality for all your snowy adventures. As the chill of the Canadian winter sets in, these leggings are designed to keep you warm and comfortable, ensuring you look great and feel even better.

Unmatched warmth and comfort

Our snowboard tights and leggings are meticulously crafted with premium materials that offer unparalleled warmth. Made with a blend of insulating fabrics, they shield you from the biting cold, allowing you to focus on perfecting your moves on the slopes. They're also supremely comfortable, and you can wear them under your snowboard pants for flexibility and mobility, so you can ride confidently.

Snowboard tights and leggings designed for Canadian winters

These tights and leggings are born from a deep understanding of Canada's winters. We've incorporated reinforced stitching and moisture-wicking technology, ensuring they can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Whether you're carving through the powdery trails in Whistler

or shredding the slopes in Banff, our snowboard leggings will keep you snug.


Fashion meets functionality

We believe in style without compromise. Our snowboard leggings feature a sleek, modern design that mirrors the beauty of Canada's snowy landscapes. You can confidently transition from the mountain to the après-ski scene in these leggings, turning heads wherever you go. 

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Our snowboard leggings are versatile for all ages

Our leggings cater to every age and skill level. Whether you're a seasoned snowboarder or a beginner, these leggings offer the protection and style you need. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, they are a perfect fit for everyone, making them an excellent gift for the

snow enthusiast in your life. Find a pair of cozy snowboard socks to stay warm from head to toe.


Invest in quality with Decathlon

Don't let winter keep you indoors. Embrace the season with confidence and style by choosing our snowboard leggings. We're not just selling snowboard base layers and leggings; we're offering a winter experience that combines comfort, warmth, and fashion. Make the smart choice t

oday and stay cozy and stylish on your next Canadian snow adventure!