Women's, Men's & Kids' Downhill & Alpine Skis

Discover the exhilaration of carving through the powdery Canadian mountains with our top-quality downhill skis. Whether you're a seasoned pro who has proudly skied down the highest peaks or a beginner looking to dive into this thrilling winter sport, our skis will elevate your performance and maximize your fun all winter long.

Downhill skis: Performance Meets Comfort

Our alpine skis are thoughtfully designed for skiers of all skill levels. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and precision with cutting-edge techTVnology that guarantees a seamless ride. Choose a pair of sturdy ski poles, strap on your skis and savour the magnificent views and the thrill of the descent.

Kid's downhill skis: Initiate your little adventurer to skiing

Ignite your child's love for winter adventures this season with our specially crafted and colourful kid's downhill skis. These skis offer a safe and fun learning experience, fostering confidence and skill development for young skiers as they explore the mountain range. Help th

em create cherished memories of their early ski adventures. Select the perfect ski goggles to get your little one ready to hit the slopes!


Women’s downhill skis designed for Canadian winters

In the heart of Canada's snowy landscapes, skiing is not just a sport but a deep-rooted tradition. Our women’s downhill skis are a proud part of this legacy, engineered to conquer challenging terrains, from the rugged Rockies to the serene Laurentians. 

Find the perfect ski boots to make your skiing adventure a success this season!


Men’s downhill skis: Craftsmanship beyond compare

Our men's downhill skis epitomize meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly fusing innovation with tradition. Each pair is a work of art, meticulously designed for endurance, ensuring a smooth and effortless descent across Canada's varied terrains. Empower yourself to conquer even

the most challenging slopes with unmatched precision and style.


Decathlon: Precision in Every Turn

Whether you're charging down double black diamonds or enjoying a leisurely glide through the woods, our alpine skis provide the precise control you need. Feel the mountain response to your every move, with edges that grip like a vice and release with grace. Drop by the nearest

Decathlon and explore our selection of ski gear for the ultimate ski experience.