Women's Walking Shoes

Indulge your feet in blissful comfort with our exquisite collection of walking shoes for women. Crafted with precision and dedication, each pair is a symphony of support and cushioning designed to make your daily walks a delightful experience. Say goodbye to foot fatigue and hello to boundless energy as you stroll through the charming streets from coast to coast.

Walking shoes for women for an unmatched performance

Our walking shoes are not just about looks; they are built for performance too. Whether you're exploring the scenic trails of western Canada or strolling along the majestic beaches of the Atlantic, find walking shoes that will become your trustworthy companions. With exceptional traction and stability, you can confidently take on any terrain while enjoying the soothing embrace of a shoe that truly understands your feet.

Elevate your walking style

Who said comfort can't be stylish? Our walking shoes for women are the epitome of fashion and functionality. From sleek and modern designs to versatile and chic colours, we have a diverse range that caters to every taste. Now you can effortlessly match your footwear with your

outfit without compromising on the heavenly comfort your feet deserve.


Women’s walking shoes designed for the Canadian weather

Don't let the ever-changing Canadian weather deter your walking routine. We’ve engineered walking shoes for men and women to tackle all conditions, be it rain or shine. Stay dry and cozy during the wettest days with water-resistant materials, while enjoying enhanced breathabil

ity when the sun graces the sky. So, no matter what the weather brings, you can focus on your journey while we take care of your feet.


Made for long-lasting durability

Investing in our walking shoes for women is an investment in long-lasting companionship. Crafted from high-quality materials and reinforced for durability, these shoes are designed to withstand the test of time. You can trust that they will remain reliable, supportive, and fas

hionable, kilometre after kilometre, season after season.


Stop by Decathlon and join the comfort revolution

Join countless women across Canada who have already experienced the magic of our walking shoes for women. Rediscover the joy of walking with feet that feel refreshed and rejuvenated with every step. Embrace the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance, and make your wa

lking moments the highlight of your day. Stay active and motivated by reading our inspiring tips and articles on your favourite sports!