Workout Headbands & Hats, Caps & Hair Ties

Discover our complete range of hair accessories, designed to help you enjoy your favourite sport with absolute freedom! With something for every preference and hair type, we offer workout headbands, gym caps and workout hair ties dedicated to your favourite activities. Take advantage of lightweight, durable, quality accessories that will be forgotten during your training sessions, matches and leisure activities.

All your hair accessories

Whether you like to keep your hair loose or keep it tied up so you don't lose focus, Decathlon has all the hair accessories you need. From workout headbands to keep your vision clear to workout hats for your outdoor practices, we offer options for all preferences and conditions. Enjoy a full range of workout clothes to move easily throughout your practice.

Solutions for all hair types

At Decathlon, we put your comfort first. To make sure your sessions are enjoyable and effective, our workout headbands, gym hats, and workout hair ties stay firmly on your head without discomfort! Concentrate on your goals, we'll take care of the rest. You can also

take advantage of our workout clothes for men and women, designed for ease and agility!


Move in style

Do you like to match all your gear? Aside from our comfortable workout headbands, you'll also find a wide range of colourful scrunchies in our hair accessories! Made from soft, comfortable fabrics, they provide a firm hold for your hairstyle while adding a stylish touch to you

r outfit. Discover our women's workout clothes to match the rest of your equipment!


All your accessories within easy reach

Whatever the sport, practice or conditions, our hair accessories are designed to make your life easier. For your outdoor sessions, we offer gym caps and fitness headbands that keep your hair in place, whatever the exercise!

Discover all our gym accessories to complete your equipment and move with lightness.


Decathlon: Your quality sports resources

To make every activity a success, Decathlon offers you a wide choice of quality sports equipment. As the designer, producer and exclusive distributor of our products, we follow the entire production chain to offer you reliable and durable equipment at affordable prices! Take a

dvantage of accessories and equipment for the whole family, designed to make the most of your favourite sports and leisure activities.