Foam Rollers

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation after your workout with our different massage rollers! Designed to relieve muscle and joint tension, our foam rollers effectively target the areas you need to relax to promote recovery. Explore our different models to enjoy the benefits of your workouts and gently release your tension!

A wide selection of massage rollers

Our foam rollers and massage sticks allow you to massage every aching part after exercise. With a choice of shapes, sizes and rigidity, you can massage your body deeply to allow every muscle and joint to relax. Explore our complete range of gym accessories designed for all your needs!

The relaxation you need after exercise

After intensive sessions, self-massage is the best way to help your muscles recover. Our massage rollers help to relax the muscles in your calves, thighs, and back. Simply place it under each area and let your body weight do the rest! You can also

take advantage of our gym mats to have everything you need at home at all times.


Solutions for the whole body

Lightweight, easy to use and with different options for working in depth on your muscles, our massage foam rollers are versatile! Suitable for all body shapes, they offer a variety of options for working on specific areas of the body. Also,

check out our gym gloves and other specialized accessories to make the most of your workouts.


All your training equipment

As well as specialized massage balls and foam rollers, Decathlon offers you a wide choice of equipment dedicated to training. All our products are designed by experts to enhance your training experience. Do you take all your equipment to the gym? We also

offer a wide range of gym bags to carry your stuff.


Decathlon: choice equipment at affordable prices

At Decathlon, we believe that an active lifestyle should be accessible to everyone. Whatever your type of activity or your level, we offer first-rate equipment adapted to your needs and your budget. Take advantage of a complete range of equipment for training and other sports

so you can work out with quality gear!