Women's Gym, Workout & Athletic Socks

Experience every workout in comfort with women's athletic socks tailored to your needs! During your exercise sessions, every detail counts. That's why we've developed advanced solutions to limit chafing and support the foot while letting it breathe. Enjoy training socks for women designed to help you excel, session after session.

Your gym socks for women

Redefine the way you train with Decathlon! Take advantage of women's workout clothing designed to accompany your every movement with flexibility and ease, whatever the effort involved. From trousers to women’s athletic socks, each garment is designed by experts in the field to help you achieve new levels of performance.

Extra foot support

Our workout socks for women are designed to support your foot throughout each workout session. Each pair offers extra support for the ankle, forefoot and arch. Pair them with our women's workout shoes and experience complete comfort so that you can move with ease and freedom a

ll day long!


Workout socks made to last

By choosing our women's athletic socks, you get long-lasting companions for all your exercise sessions. Our socks are designed to maintain their shape and function, even after repeated washing and use! You can also discover our workout leggings for women

, designed in the same spirit of comfort and durability.


Breathable women’s athletic socks

To enjoy comfortable workout sessions, your pairs of gym socks for women must, above all, be breathable. While remaining firmly attached to your ankles, our socks absorb and wick away perspiration throughout your workouts.

Explore our collection of women’s gym shorts, too, for your more intense sessions!


Decathlon: All your equipment at your fingertips

From women's athletic socks to sports camisoles, find all the equipment you need with Decathlon! Whether you like outdoor sports or indoor training, we have specialized clothing and accessories for each of your activities. Enjoy quality products at affordable prices to live yo

ur sport your way!