Versatility for Everyone

Halfway between a beach towel and a garment, the beach poncho is a dance of versatility. It dries, it warms, it dresses. It's your portable beach cabin, your warm wrap for evenings by the campfire. It's the ballet of versatility, performed with grace and style.

Colours for Every Style

Our beach ponchos are an odyssey of patterns and colours. From playful designs for children to sophisticated shades for adults, each poncho is a portable work of art. They are the colourful narrative of your summer, a story woven with moments of joy and relaxation.

Bath Ponchos for Summer

The bath poncho is an ode to practicality. Our ponchos are easy to slip on, comfortable to wear, freeing you from the constraints of changing outfits on the beach. It's the song of ease, the sweet melody of carefreeness, played on the stage of your summer.

Discover Our Beach Ponchos

Each fibre of our beach ponchos is a note in the symphony of softness. The microfibre towels caress the skin with infinite tenderness, bringing a sense of comfort after a refreshing swim. They are the echo of our devotion to quality, our passion for comfort.

Experience the Comfort of Our Beach Ponchos

During the Canadian summer each beach poncho is an invitation to carefreeness, a call to the freedom of summer. We invite you to discover the casual comfort, to embrace the practical versatility, to be part of a colourful Canadian summer with our beautiful beach ponchos and ou

r many other Decathlon products.