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The Décathlon adventure: Quality sporting goods at better prices.

At Décathlon, we’ve been firm believers in the benefits of sports since 1976. That’s why every member of the team is determined to make sports accessible to as many people as possible.

Décathlon Canada: What’s different.

Décathlon has come to Canada and we’re taking a close look at everything we offer, using this opportunity to make sure we’re giving Canadian athletes everything they need. 1) an experiential store 2) a digital store 3) The best value for your money 4) a positive community impact 5) the Décathlon Platform.

One goal: find the athlete in you.

“Sport for All. All for Sport.” is our motto for a reason! You deserve to participate, try, get back up, aim higher and farther. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re at the top of your game, Décathlon Canada wants to make sports an exciting part of your daily life.

Skilled sport advisors.

Our team of sport advisors will treat you like a good friend, a family member, or teammate and share all the info you need on the sports you care about. To get useful athletic advice, you can also feel free to ask your questions via phone/email, Messenger, or mobile app.

Your happiness is guaranteed.

At Décathlon, we want to create long-term relationships with our customers, employees, and Canadian society. Our products are designed to encourage everyone to play sports, regardless of their abilities or their demographic.

Quality products at a fair price.

By designing, producing, and distributing our own products, as well as selling them in large quantities, we can save a lot. At Décathlon, the formula is simple: prices are closely linked to the actual cost of production. So, we don’t hesitate to lower our profit margin so you can have access to sports equipment at the best possible value for the money.

Our staff: a long-term investment.

Sports accessibility wouldn’t be possible without our employees. That’s why we offer our employees fair salaries, excellent benefits, and allow them to grow professionally within a global company that pays attention to their needs. Visit our Career section.

Innovation at every step.

Décathlon is always working to improve our logistics chain and our R&D work by making people the focus of our innovation process. Our teams anchor their ideas in best practices and comments athletes share with us.

Taking responsibility for our actions.

We pay attention to the impact we have on the rest of the world and on the community where we’re growing. We make conscious choices to build a better future for our planet. We’ve got several responsible consumption projects in the works.


Décathlon came onto the scene with a new model for selling sporting goods.

It all began with seven sports fans and budding entrepreneurs who met in a parking lot in Englos, France to try to improve the way sporting goods and equipment were manufactured and sold. From this key moment when Michel Leclercq opened the very first store in Lille, France in 1976 until today’s international presence, our teams have been united in a common goal: make sports accessible to as many people as possible.


Décathlon Brands

Each sport or group of sports is represented by Décathlon’s own Passion Brands. A committed team of athletes, designers, product managers, researchers, and engineers collaborate to design the best products for their sport. Today, several Passion Brands teams are tasked with imagining the future of their respective sports disciplines.

As a customer and member of the big Décathlon family, you can share your opinion about the products. This process is important for the brands and will never be taken lightly. A product rated 3 stars out of 5 will be removed from production for improvements.

Our company is committed to our customers and our team, as well as to our planet, so we can offer quality products that make sports accessible.

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