Who is Decathlon?

+60 countries

+1700 stores worldwide

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Decathlon Canada: Strategy’s 2023 Brand of the Year

Our values are at the heart of our brand. Our strength? Putting them forward with every action we take. Our way of being was noticed by Strategy Magazine, who awarded us the prestigious prize of 2023 Brand of the Year. A recognition that makes us proud to offer Canadians a sports experience that reflects their values, and ours.

Our Story

Since the start of our story in France in 1976, we're proud to be a family-run company. As a designer, manufacturer and distributor of products for the sports and activities you love, it allows control of the quality and the price. At the heart of our purpose is a customer-first approach. It means providing thoughtful and intentionally innovative products that speak directly to you.

Our Team, Our People

With more than 100,000 teammates globally, we strive daily to make sports accessible to the many. We are passionate about the sports and activities we offer and practice them often. It allows us to provide genuine advice and create an inviting in-store environment. At the centre of everything we do is our customers. Their satisfaction is part of our purpose. Does this resonate with you?

Our mission is to sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sports accessible to the many.

Our 4 Core Values


It's life itself. It's about thinking positively and being full of energy. Being bold, enterprising, adaptable and prepared to change if necessary.


Taking responsibility for ourselves and playing an active role in our lives. We clearly say what we will do and do what we say.


It's about doing things from the heart and making ourselves available to others. We are team players and help out when necessary.


It's about being honest with ourselves and others. We dare to be ourselves.

Ability Signs

In keeping with respect for the universality of the disability sign and in collaboration with our agency, Rethink, we successfully added several versions of ability.

Our Planet

At every stage, we have the planet, sustainability, and the environment in mind. We are committed to doing better to protect our playground for future generations. As of 2020, we are working towards a 2026 transition plan based on three pillars: developing people, preserving nature and creating lasting value

Our Products

At Decathlon, the right sports gear and equipment can make all the difference. We play sports, keep active, and work to give you what you need to get the most out of your practice. The cost of materials is top of mind to ensure we give you products with the best quality for the best price. Our focus on innovation ensures our products are convenient, comfortable and safe

Our Unique In-Store Experience

We strive to offer a truly unique experience in our stores. From passionate teammates to discovering our store layout to using our game-changing self-checkout systems, it will, without a doubt, be memorable.

Our Prices: Why You'll Love Them

Through designing, manufacturing and distributing our products, we control the quality and ensure prices you'll love. We believe in the benefits of an active lifestyle, which means offering real value daily with the best products at the best prices.