Partnering with Decathlon is a great investment!

Do you have a sports-related website? Are you passionate about encouraging sports in your community? Team up with the world leader and monetize your online presence!

Our program

Decathlon is the fastest-growing retail chain in the sports industry and we have finally arrived in Canada! Our ambition is to make sports accessible to every Canadian. This is a dream we can all accomplish together, so go for gold and become a Decathlon partner!

Anyone with a sports-related online presence can participate. Grow together with Decathlon and receive an attractive commission as a reward!

How does it work?

Step 1

Promote Decathlon through your website, blog, Instagram posts, or Youtube videos

Step 2

Your referred visitors will get access to the biggest sports selection in the country!

Step 3

Receive a commission on every sale you generate. It's that SIMPLE!


Receive up to 10% in commission

30-day cookie duration

Free product tests

Access to over 5,000 products

61 different sports

Unique promotional material for every sport

Monthly commission payments

A sporting collaboration with Decathlon

Still have questions?

How do I become a Decathlon partner?

Register easily and quickly here. You'll hear from us within 48 hours on whether you have been accepted into the Decathlon Affiliate program.

What is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is the partner platform that we use for the affiliate program. Through this system, you have access to all our promotional materials as well as your traffic, sales, and commissions stats.

How do I log into my Impact Radius account?

Go to Log in with your username and password.

Note: The connection does not work with your email address.

Is it necessary to have a website?

Our affiliate program is intended for partners with an online presence. To register, you must have an active website, app, or social media account.

How do I know how much I have sold?

By logging in to your profile, you will see your account overview. From there, you can adjust the period to display and see the number of sales you've made.

Can I set up an exclusive partnership with Decathlon?

We are always open to exclusive collaborations! Send an email with your idea to: [email protected].

Do you work with discount codes?

No, we do not allow discount codes.

What if I want a custom banner?

No problem! Send your request to [email protected]

Why was my account not approved?

You were not admitted to our program for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a voucher or discount code website

  • Your website is not related to sports

  • Your website is not yet online

  • Your website has a quality issue

Do I have to work exclusively with you?

Not at all! Feel free to cooperate with any other party.

How long does your cookie last?

The cookie lifespan is the period during which all promotions made to a consumer are attributed to a publisher. There must have been a purchase during this time to earn a publisher commission. We use a 30-day cookie lifespan.

Can I sell your products on my own website?

No, we do not allow any forms of reselling. All Decathlon brands are sold exclusively through the Decathlon website and stores.

When will I receive my commission?

You have the choice of receiving your payment on the 1st or 15th of each month. To select the option that you prefer, go to your Radius member account.

What is the inspection time for sales?

We offer our customers a 365-day return policy. Partner sales will be approved after this period.