Our two passions: Sports and innovation

We design and manufacture innovative products to enhance your sports experience.

At Decathlon, we know the right sports gear and equipment can make all the difference. We play sports too, so we want to give you exactly what you need to get the most out of your practice. We focus on innovation to ensure our products are convenient, comfortable and, above all, safe for you to use. Sports for all. All for sports.

Observe. Explore. Create. Build. Test. Improve. Develop.

We pay attention to current trends and identify what works best for each sport. We search for materials that are comfortable and durable. We design a product we think will best serve your needs. We build the prototype from scratch. We conduct extensive field and lab testing; and we welcome your reviews. We make adjustments based on our findings and your feedback. We update the product, while maintaining our impressive quality:price ratio.

Field testing

We think the best way to test a product is to use it. Our testers take our hiking boots out on the trail, and our surf boards out on the water… We use the products ourselves to get a feel for how it works. We take notes, we discuss, we improve.

Lab testing

A series of rigorous tests help us evaluate each product in the exact same way for an extended period. This way, we can determine a product's durability in terms of water resistance, weight-bearing, wear and tear, and more.


We spend time analyzing the human body, its movements and the ways it interacts with our products. We want our gear to be comfortable and, above all, safe. From dance shoes to tennis racquets; our goal is to create products that support you as you practice the sports you love.

A few of our innovations...

Fresh&Black 2-second tent

Winner: Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award 2021

A tent that practically pitches itself! Easy to assemble, disassemble, fold and transport.

Snowshoes - SH 100 EASY

The new generation of flexible snowshoes that allows most people to walk easily and effortlessly in the snow as well as on land. Its EVA head offers the best compromise between bearing capacity and natural rolling of the foot.

Rollnet table tennis set

A practical table tennis set that can be assembled virtually anywhere.

NH100 backpack

A lightweight, durable backpack with a zippered main compartment and deep outer pocket. 10-year guarantee.