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Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
Cross Country Skis Adults - 550



Cross Country Skis Adults - 550

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  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
  • Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
Cross Country Skis Adults - 550
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Perfect for regular cross-country skiers who are looking for skis with excellent slide and grip. The 550 ski will help you explore!


Glide performance

Polyethylene base for excellent slide and durability.


Fitted with 100% mohair skins for good grip and excellent slide.


Narrow sidecut (44-44-44)
to facilitate movement.


1,600 g in size 195 cm with bindings


Cellulose honeycomb (lightweight) + ultra-fine plywood edge (rigidity)


Rottefella NNN Xcelerator Pro Classic Binding


1 - The 550 classic cross-country skis with skins, the best balance between grip and slide!

For regular cross-country skiers with good basic technique.
For you, cross-country skiing is not only a form of escapism, it’s also an opportunity to exercise in a natural environment.

The 550 skis are ideal for intermediate skiers and are the best balance between grip and slide.
A balance between slide, lightness, rigidity, grip, and freedom, with a binding you can adjust without tools!

2 - Adapted camber, for a customized ski!

The camber on these cross-country skis supports the skier’s weight without flattening completely.
In order to push off on classic cross-country skis, you must transfer all your weight to the ski, so the grip zone comes in contact with the snow.
To slide, the grip zone must not be in contact with the snow.
Choosing the correct camber for your weight and level allows you to obtain the right grip/slide ratio.

3 - Choosing the right size

Choose the size of your cross-country skis size according to your level and weight

Soft camber
- 50 to 60 kg = 188 cm

Medium camber
- 60 to 70 kg = 188 cm
- 65 to 75 kg = 195 cm
- 75 to 90 kg = 202 cm

Hard camber
- 90 to 110 kg = 202 cm
- 100 to 130 kg = 207 cm

If you are between 2 sizes:
- For increased comfort, choose the smaller size to ensure manoeuvrability.
- For more intensive use, choose the larger size.

4 - Skin grip: simple!

The grip zone on a cross-country ski is the bottom centre area of the ski.
It gives you traction on the snow when skiing uphill or on flat terrain; otherwise you would not be able to move forward.
There are 3 systems: scales, grip wax, and skins.

The 550 skis are equipped with 100% mohair skins
The skins give you identical grip on both skis, do not make any noise, and do not require waxing.

5 - Xcelerator bindings are the technology that will increase your speed!

All our skis are sold with Rottefella bindings that are compatible with the NNN, Prolink, and Turnamic standards.

The 550 skis with skins are equipped with Rottefella Xcelerator bindings, which let you find the perfect position to optimize push-off.
You can easily move the binding without tools to adapt it to your needs.

6 - A sintered base for superior slide

The ski base is in contact with the snow. It’s made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using either an extrusion or sintering manufacturing process.

The 550 ski’s sintered base is made from a plastic powder with high molecular weight that is heated, compressed, and cut into slabs.
This process gives the base a higher density and therefore better slide and resistance.

7 - Waxing – the secret of longevity

After purchase, we recommend that you wax the base of your skis to help them reach optimal speed. We recommend waxing several times consecutively to “nourish” the base.

To maintain the performance of your skis, don't forget to wax them regularly!

Check out the tutorials on our Inovik YouTube channel or book an appointment at your Decathlon workshop to learn how wax your skis.

Ski structure glossary

Our skis are made with a “sandwich” structure by layering different materials in the ski’s core and over the full length. The final product is assembled with a press.

Core = the centre of the ski,in wood (solid or with air channels) or composites (honeycomb or Nomex®)
Base = part of the ski in contact with the snow, made from sintered or extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE)Grip zone = grippy area of the bottom of the ski, in the middle
Sidecut = width of the ski at the tip, waist, and tail


5/5 1 review
1 of 1 people recommends this product
Womens Inovik classic XC skis
Colette (Canada) Used for 3 to 8 weeks Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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Great quality, mohair skins are great, bindings good.
Response of the brand

Hi Colette,

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.

We are glad to know that you enjoy our cross country skis and hope that you will have a wonderful ski season!


L'équipe Décathlon Ottawa

The Ottawa Decathlon team

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