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100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
100 bodyboard fins



100 bodyboard fins

  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
  • 100 bodyboard fins
100 bodyboard fins
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These fins are designed for beginner bodyboarders (maximum 1 m waves).


User comfort

Ultra-flexible fins ideal for beginners. Dual-density material.


Short, symmetrical blade for gentle propulsion.


Environmental impact reduced by 23% compared to previous model.


Fins do not float—leash recommended (sold separately).

Water drainage

Wide holes at the front to drain water and sand.


Radbug designs products for 4 levels: Novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced

- Novice: Maximum 0.5 m waves. No fins—push off the ground with your feet and ride to shore.
-Beginner: Gentle turns in waves up to 1 m, use of fins.
- Intermediate: Waves up to 1.5 m. More speed and introduction to tricks (360, El Rollo, etc.).
- Advanced: All types of waves, command of tricks, even aerial (360, ARS, etc.).

Designed for beginner bodyboarders, these high-flex fins ensure gentle acceleration.

These fins ensure greater comfort with their supple material and heel strap, while the reduced blade size helps beginners feel more confident in the water. With a stiff blade and side ribs for gentle, steady propulsion,
they have a symmetrical shape that generates good kicking power.
Wear neoprene socks for added comfort.

Choosing the right fin size

Always try on fins before buying them. They should support your foot without being too tight. Your heel should be against the back strap, but your toes should not be bent.
You’ll need to go up half a size if you wear them with socks or use a fin leash. Consider trying them on with and without socks
at the time of purchase.

Non-floating fins

Keep your fins fully submerged for maximum efficiency. Beginners will find the weight of these fins particularly helpful for avoiding splashing at the surface of the water.
Since they don’t float, using a fin leash (sold separately) is strongly recommended.
This will make the fins more comfortable and prevent you from losing them in the waves.

Asymmetrical fins

Fins can help you ride waves without swerving, as the side ribs make it easier to stay on the wave face and hold your line.
Asymmetrical fins, however, are intended for advanced bodyboarders. Using them requires more skill because they’re harder on the knees and can accentuate swerving.

Water safety and etiquette - Part 1

It’s important to follow certain rules of thumb when you go bodyboarding to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.1- Observe your location and the conditions before hitting the water. Note the current, rocks, tides, wave size, crowds, etc.
2- Don’t be overconfident. Look for an easier spot if your skills aren’t on par with the conditions.
3- Use proper equipment that’s in good condition (leash, fins, board, wetsuit).

Water safety and etiquette - Part 2

4- Respect right-of-way rules on the water: right-of-way goes to the person closest to the peak.
5- Follow the direction of the wave when moving towards the peak to avoid cutting off other boarders.
6- Use fins if the water is above your hips.
7- If you’re not using fins, stay in a supervised area. Lifeguards can tell you where these are.
8- Bodyboard in a group.


Radbug is the Decathlon brand dedicated to bodyboarding and bodysurfing.

The sensation of riding a wave is pure, exhilarating, and addictive.
Our mission is to help as many people as possible discover that thrill by offering products that are both innovative and easy to use.