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Trek 50 Hiking Jacket - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men



Trek 50 Hiking Jacket - Men

1515 reviews
1359 of 1515 people recommends this product
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
  • Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
Trek 50 Hiking Jacket  - Men
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This cool-weather padded hiking jacket has you covered for a wide range of activities.



Comfortable between 10°C and -0°C. Filling with good fill power (100 g/m²).


Filling made of 90% recycled polyester. Lining dye with low carbon footprint.

User comfort

Stand-up collar at the chin includes protective tab on zip.


2 zipped pockets for securing your belongings.


This padded jacket weighs approximately 400 g in size L.

Easy to care for

Easy to machine wash | Quick drying


Thermal insulation.

When worn as a third layer, this padded jacket has a temperature rating of 0°C that was certified during a standardized test in a thermal chamber.
The model is wearing a synthetic long-sleeved T-shirt and a light fleece underneath. It works with a simulated 5 km/h wind.
In our heat comparison tool, this is equivalent to 1 star.

We also tested this model under "static" conditions; its temperature rating is +10°C in this case.

Technical information on the filling

We use a 100% polyester filling (90% recycled): 100 g/m² in the body and 60 g/m² in the sleeves.

Do you know why the inner lining of your padded jacket is grey?

Because the fabric we use reduces CO2 emissions by 40%.
The fabric used is innovative because it mixes a self-dyed black thread and an undyed thread.
Compared to a conventional dyeing process, this process reduces by:
- 66% fine particle emissions (PM2.5)
- 74% eutrophication of fresh water
- 68% eutrophication of sea water

If it rains

The quilted jacket’s material is water-repellent. This means that drops of water roll off the fabric, preventing them from soaking into the padded jacket as quickly. However, the padded jacket is not waterproof. So we recommend wearing a waterproof jacket over the padded jacket in the event of prolonged exposure to rain.

The material’s water repellency (not to be confused with waterproofing)

A fabric's water repellency is its ability to make water run off its surface without being absorbed. This prevents the fabric from soaking up water and keeps it lightweight and warm.
The fabric is made water-repellent by treating its outer surface, however this property may deteriorate with use.

We recommend that you reapply the treatment after each wash

Restoring water repellency

Follow the guide:

Use the care product. Wash-in product for reactivating water repellency

The benefits of synthetic filling

The filling is an effective alternative to feathers:
- Good thermal insulation, even when wet
- Provides some breathability and is suitable for dynamic physical activities (given that feathers are recommended for static activities)
- Easy care: machine wash at 30°C and tumble dry

Our products' environmental impact

The environmental impact of the product is calculated over its entire life cycle using different indicators. An ABCDE rating shows the environmental impact of a product. Put forward by ADEME, it takes into account production, transportation, usage, and waste generated at the end of a product’s life.
Decathlon displays this information voluntarily to help you identify products with lower environmental impact. Learn more at:



4.4/5 1515 reviews
1359 of 1515 people recommends this product
Ratheesh G (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
very use full
Dileep (India) Used for 2 week or less
Awesome, fully satisfied
Pradip (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Good product
Great Quality
Roop (India) Used for 4 to 6 months
Light weight, very warm, awesome quality. Go with one size bigger.
Rama (India) Used for More than 1 year
SOUMYADIP (India) Used for 2 week or less
Very good, light jacket..
Best Quality Product
Mahipal (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Very nice
Tanmoy (India) Used for 2 week or less
Best jacket for me.
Good Product
Soumyadeep (India) Used for 4 to 6 months
Bought this jacket for Shimla Manali trip, worth investing.
Awesome Product
Rakesh (India) Used for 8 to 12 months
Cold days .. Winter... Windy.. No matter how cold the climate is , This product is the perfect one.