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EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
EL 500 Cross Trainer



EL 500 Cross Trainer

6 reviews
5 of 6 people recommends this product
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
  • EL 500 Cross Trainer
EL 500 Cross Trainer
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For home workouts. Stay in shape by using it up to 4 times a week.


Smooth pedalling

7 kg flywheel.


6 programs and 9 functions.
Tailored workouts with the E-connected app.

Ease of handling

Built-in wheels, making it easy to move

User comfort

Ergonomic handlebar and adjustable pedals.

Assembly time

60 minutes



Weight and dimensions

Product size: 124 x 68 x 155 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Box size: 110 x 62 x 33 cm
Total weight: 46.7 kg

The advantages of a cross trainer

Cross training is an excellent cardiovascular activity.
It’s low-impact and helps to:
- develop your endurance
- tone your entire body
To improve your cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, the World Health Organization recommends getting at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity every week.

Why is range of motion important?

Range: 33 cm.
Cross trainers work all of your muscle groups (lower and upper limbs, torso, back, and core). So the more you move, the more your muscles work, and the more intense the activity is. The result? You burn more calories!


Flywheel: 7 kg.Pedalling is smoother with a heavier flywheel!

A virtual trainer

To track your training, the EL 500 offers 6 functions:
workout time,
heart rate (hand sensors) and cadence.
In total, you have 9 training programs with different levels (6 dedicated to burning calories, 6 for getting in shape, and 6 for improving endurance). A great way to stay motivated!

A connected cross trainer

To stay motivated and push your limits, connect your device with the compatible E-connected and Kinomap apps.
E-connected: set a weekly time, distance, or calorie goal. your performance is recorded and you can track your stats.
Kinomap: sync up your workouts with real landscapes. Enjoy a unique experience: at your own pace or in challenge mode, alone or with the Kinomap community.

Tracking your heart rate

Comes with pulse sensors. Your heart rate is displayed after a few seconds on the console screen. It can also be used with a heart rate belt (not included) that can be connected to the console.
Individuals with a pacemaker should not use the heart rate hand sensor function.

Adjust your cross trainer

Various adjustments:
Adjustment of the pedal position (closer or farther from the handlebars). The front position is good for those under 1.75 m tall. The rear position is good for those over 1.85 m tall.

Adjusting the stability on your cross trainer

For optimal comfort, use DF 920 floor mats under your machine. This helps you: optimize the bike’s stability when in use, reduce vibrations and noise, and protect your floor.

Our cross trainers have two stabilisers at the rear for good stability during use, regardless of your flooring.

Moving your cross trainer

Wheels at the front for easy moving. To move your equipment, stand in front of it. Block it with your foot while pushing down on the handlebars to swing it up so it is resting on its front wheels. Gently push it to where you want.

Maintenance and repairs

2-year warranty: parts and labour.
5-year warranty: metallic pieces. See all our tips for maintaining your product below.


Individuals with a pacemaker should not use the heart rate hand sensor function.
Maximum user weight: 130 kg.For home use only.


4.3/5 6 reviews
5 of 6 people recommends this product
Defective out of the box
Lins (Canada) Used for 2 week or less
I received my order and after building it, the leg did not form a proper seal with the base. I installed everything correctly as per the instructions and it is a lemon right out of the box. The two pieces did not create a proper seal. Getting a hold of customer service has been an absolute nightmare and it's likely I'm going to have to go through my credit card company for a refund
A must have if you do home workout
Burak (Canada) Used for 2 week or less
I have been a Decathlon fan for years now and never disappointed! It is a great elliptical for home use. Perfect packaging and easy to assemble once you watch the video on Decathlon UK's website. It's an 8-ish min step by step video and helps a lot, never used the manual. It is also extremely silent. It has a tablet holder so while working out, you can watch something or study at the same time. I'm really satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend it!
Très bon!
Felix (Canada) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Pour le prix, wow. belle qualité, fluide et silencieux, fonctionne bien. J'aime le look!
Brooke (United States)
Very happy with this product. It was shipped fast and the instructions were very simple. Only took about an hour. It’s a great machine and I am very happy with this purchase.
Response of the brand

Dear Brooke,

Thank you for your review, we are super happy to know you're enjoying your workouts with your EL520.

Here is a nice 4 weeks program made by Decathlon if you are looking for some new things to do with your machine.

Enjoy !


Brand Manager USA

Impressive Machine
Allison (United States)
It took me so long to find a brand and elliptical machine that is reasonably priced, of good quality, and had all of the features I wanted. I was slightly skeptical at first because I was unfamiliar with the brand, but let me tell you- I am extremely impressed. This machine is solid and well made, was super easy to put together, and rides smooth like butter. My only two cons are: 1. Some parts came scraped up from either packing or transit, this would not happen if it were packaged better. 2. The instruction manual for assembly is not that great. I highly suggest looking up one of the Decathlon YouTube videos and following that (they have several official channels for each country- I ended up with the Russian one but the on screen instructions were in English).
All in all, a great buy! Here is hoping it stands the test of time- but with such a great warranty and parts availability things should not be a problem.
Response of the brand

Dear Allison,

Wow ! Thank you for this nice review ! I am so happy you found the right machine for you. And thank you for your suggestions.

I just wanted to let you know:

1) we are working on improving the packaging to make it stronger during transit from our warehouse to our customer's homes. I'm sorry that happened to you, do not hesitate to reach out if you need replacement parts.

2) we have a support website to help assembly but not yet in the US : we're a start up here :) you always can use the French one with google translate where you can find all the videos you need: support.decathlon.fr

In case you didn't know, the EL520 can be connected to Domyos E-connected and Kinomap apps; if you want to add some fun to your workouts !

Thanks again,



Fitness Brand Manager USA

Great Elliptical and an Amazing Price
Jenna (United States)
I bought this elliptical because I wanted some kind of exercise to do during the shut down this winter. This machine does not disappoint! It works great, just make sure to keep it on a flat surface :)
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