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Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
Run 100 Treadmill



Run 100 Treadmill

  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
  • Run 100 Treadmill
Run 100 Treadmill
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The Run 100 treadmill was designed with your feedback in mind, combining performance with compactness.



Enhanced maximum speed of 14 km/h and up to 3% manual incline.

User comfort

Running deck is 45 cm wide and 120 cm long.


Console includes 30 targeted programs.

Compact design

The most compact treadmill in the Domyos range, only 38 cm deep when folded.

Assembly time

Takes 45 minutes max for 2 people to set up.


Reduced product weight and power consumption.



The benefits of a treadmill

Walking and running are perfect ways to get fit, maintain your fitness level, slim your figure and improve your cardio.
From weather to pollution and family life, overcome the obstacles that get in your way and reach your goals more easily!

Run 100 exclusive for Domyos

The Run 100 treadmill was designed to combine comfort and easy storage.
Once folded, the Run 100 treadmill is three times more compact than the prior model, only 38 cm deep. It can be stored horizontally or vertically.
The Run 100 treadmill also has 4 wheels for easier storage.

Domyos Run 100 Console

The Run 100 treadmill is equipped with a compact console with a backlit LCD screen for good visibility: time, distance, speed, pace, calories, and heart rate.
The 14 km/h maximum speed is easily adjustable using the 7 shortcut buttons and the + and - buttons.
Optional: a remote control can be connected to the USB port (ref. 8602720) for even easier control over speed during your workouts.

Pre-set programs

The Run 100 treadmill console has 30 programs, classified into 3 categories:
-10 calorie burn programs for burning calories,
-10 endurance programs for learning to run longer,
-10 interval training programs for learning to run faster.
Each program can be adjusted to your level before or during your workout.

Motor power

Tested at its maximum speed of 14 km/h for a maximum user weight of 130 kg, the Run 100 is 1.25 HP and 932 watts.

Domyos sizes all of the electrical components based on the treadmill's maximum capacities, for the best user experience without using too much electricity. All of our treadmills are thoroughly tested in the lab to ensure the integrity of their components.

Manual incline control

The Run 100 treadmill is equipped with foldable rear feet for a manual incline of 0% to 3%.

Heart rate monitor

The Run 100 treadmill has a heart rate monitor compatible with all non-encoded analogue heart rate belts. Decathlon's heart rate monitor belt (ref. 8582552) is compatible with the RUN100 treadmill.

Dynamic cushioning system

The Run 100 has a 45 cm wide running surface for a comfortable run.
The cushioning system was designed for proper energy transfer and a dynamic stride. Four elastomer pads positioned between the running deck and the metal frame provide good shock absorption during your workout.

Noise level

Silence is an essential criterion in the development of our products. We strive to reduce treadmill noise for the benefit of users and those around them.
The Run 100 treadmill was measured at 66 dB at its maximum speed of 14 km/h.

Dimensions and weight

Size in use: L156 x W76 x H115 cm
Folded dimensions: L152 x W76 x H38 cm
Treadmill weight: 47kg

Boxed dimensions: L157 x W70 x H21 cm
Box weight: 53 kg


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