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Quick laces for Hiking Boots
  • Quick laces for Hiking Boots
  • Quick laces for Hiking Boots
Quick laces for Hiking Boots



Quick laces for Hiking Boots

3 reviews
1 of 3 people recommends this product
  • Quick laces for Hiking Boots
  • Quick laces for Hiking Boots
Quick laces for Hiking Boots

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Designed for hikers seeking an effective and quick lacing system.



Quick tying.


2.7/5 3 reviews
1 of 3 people recommends this product
Video Required
Nick (United Kingdom) Used for
Inadequate fitting instructions. Come on Decathlon, it must be obvious by now from all the reviews that a video is required demonstrating how to fit the quick laces.
A tiny pictorial card, which fails to even start from the position in which the laces are packaged, simply does not cut it.
Instructions need updating
MIke (United Kingdom)
Ok - can understand why people find these difficult to fit as I also did. The instructions that mine were supplied with contain 8 steps. Unhelpfully step 1 shows the laces, disassembled and fitted to the shoe. The diassembly is the bit that throws you. In effect you will need to pull the laces back through both the arch thing (easy) and the toggle thing (harder). On the toggle thing it appears that the strenghted ends will not pass though - in fact they do but you need to have the courage to do so as it feels like a lot of strain on the toggle. Once you have cracked this the rest of the instructions are good and reassembly is much easier.
Short laces
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The laces were abut short for my treking shoe also bought at decathalon. Not sure why
Response of the brand
Hey XianYuan!

Thank you for taking your time to review our Quick Laces for Hiking Shoes.

Sadly, this product is for low-cut shoes only.
For mid-cut or high-cut shoes you probably need our 150cm-170cm laces.

Hope to see you soon and also hear about all the other reviews that you have for us!
Have a wonderful day ahead! 

"Keep Exploring!"

Nike Khidzer | Kids Hiking Sports Advisor
Decathlon Joo Koon, Singapore
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