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NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs
NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs
  • NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs
  • NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs
  • NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs
  • NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs
  • NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs

NH500 Walking High Socks X2 Pairs

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These socks are made for one-day hikes on flat terrain, in mild or cold weather.
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        Fitting comfort

        39% cotton. The comfort of soft combed cotton and terry under the foot


        Ventilated knit and 57% polyamide fibre: wicks away sweat throughout the day


        Multi-strand polyamide fibre for increased durability

        Anatomic design

        Made of 4% spandex: the sock fits your foot, staying in place



        This model is sold in packs of 2 pairs of socks in identical colours.

        Thread characteristics

        The sole of the sock is made from brushed cotton. Brushed cotton is made from much longer fibres that interweave better and feel silky. The result is it’s much shinier, softer to the touch, more stable when washing, and more durable in use. The top of the foot and heel are made from Polyamide for greater breathability and durability.

        The shoe/sock combination plays an important role.

        Many things cause blisters when hiking: rubbing, a fold in your sock, moisture, shoes that are a size too small or too big ... It is therefore important to choose the right size and a sock material adapted to your hiking shoes.

        How to choose the right hiking sock size

        To avoid creases in the material, you need to choose the right sock size for your feet: either because the socks are too big and there is too much fabric around your foot or because the socks are too small and it is drawn down into the shoe.
        We take advantage of spandex's excellent qualities so that our socks fit your foot properly and stay in place.
        It’s important to try the socks on before heading out on a hike.

        How to choose a hiking sock material

        You need to manage moisture as best you can when walking: Sweating is inevitable.
        If your shoes are breathable, they'll let moisture escape: so you'll also want to choose light, breathable socks
        You'll want to choose different socks if your shoes are waterproof for rain protection: you should wear socks that will absorb perspiration and wick it away from your foot.

        Choosing sock height

        We offer 3 sock heights for this model:
        “Low” socks: they extend slightly above the shoe, but remain below your ankle bones. They’re worn with low-cut shoes.
        “Mid” socks: they protect your ankles, stopping just above them: they’re worn with low-cut shoes.
        “High” socks: they’re perfect for mid-top hiking boots, as they stop just below your calves and protect your ankles from the boots.

        What pair of boots is suitable for NH500 high socks?

        They're perfect for NH500 mid boots: in fact, NH500 high socks contain cotton that absorbs moisture and have a terry structure under the sock that draws moisture away from your foot. Finally, they're high enough to protect your ankles from the boots.
        This is an excellent combination to limit the formation of blisters.


        Our hiking socks have a 2-year guarantee.
        Our commitment? To offer you durable products that you can use on all your nature walks. Because the products that we love the most are those that have lived the most adventures and will continue to live them!


        4.5/5 19 reviews
        17 of 19 people recommends this product
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        Not too thin, not too thick and quite soft.
        chung (Hong Kong) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
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