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Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 120 Hybrid Bike - Grey
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White



Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White

26 reviews
18 of 26 people recommends this product
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 120 Hybrid Bike - Grey
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
  • Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike - White
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This hybrid bike was designed for regular rides up to 50 km.



Aluminum frame and double-walled rims.

Easy to use

Easily change between the 9 gears using a single trigger.
Quick-release wheel.

Sitting comfort

An ergonomic saddle for improved comfort.

Braking power

The mechanical disc brakes ensure clean braking.


Hybrid aluminum frame, versatile road and trail tires.

Cycling comfort

Front suspension, ergonomic grips and hybrid tires.


A frame designed for light weight and comfort

The hybrid frame was designed using 6061 aluminum and lower geometry for easy step through. This frame provides optimal comfort and versatility.
Inserts included for a bottle cage and pannier rack.
Removable rear derailleur hanger.

How to choose your hybrid bike size

3 sizes available:
Size S from 1.5 m to 1.65 m.
Size M from 1.66 m to 1.82 m.
Size L from 1.83 m to 2 m.

If you're between 2 sizes:
Choose the smaller size for greater manoeuvrability and comfort (straighter back).
Choose the larger size for a more stretched out position (better suited to speed).

Derailleurs and drivetrain: unleash the speed

9 speeds with BTWIN SL569 shifter
Fast and easy shifter on the handlebars.
- Microshift H092 9-speed cassette.
- Cogs: 11/36.
- Single chainwheel: 36 teeth.
- KMC X9 chain with quick release.
- Rear derailleur: BTWIN RD M46-L.
- Anti-derailment ring.

Mechanical disc brakes: control your braking

The cable-operated disc brakes at the front and rear allow you to cycle safely on any terrain (dry/wet).
Aluminum brake levers.

Handlebars, steering, stem: maintain control

With its semi-raised (620 mm) aluminum frame, the Riverside 500 provides optimum steering comfort.
This bike is equipped with:
- 1-1/8" aluminum stem, 75 mm long.
- Semi-integrated headset in 1-1/8.
- Two aluminum adjustment rings (spacers), 5 mm high.
- Ergonomic grips for a natural grip in the hand.

Adjustable suspension fork

The Riverside 500 is equipped with an Odessa OS suspension fork with preload adjuster (1-1/8" steel pivot). The stiffness can be adjusted using a simple adjustment wheel.
60 mm travel.

Saddle: be comfortable

The exclusive B'Twin Ergofit Sport 500 saddle was developed because it's important that your seat position is adapted to your riding style.
Aluminum seat post, graduated for easier adjustment.
Collar dimensions = 32 mm.
Seat post diameter = 27.2mm.
Tool-free saddle height adjustment (quick-release).

Ready to roll with 28" wheels?

The Riverside 500 is equipped with black double-walled aluminum wheels.
To transport your bike, the quick-release on the front and rear wheels makes them easy to remove.
28-spoke front and rear wheels.
The recommended pressure is: minimum 36 psi and maximum 58 psi (details on the tire sidewall).
Wheel diameter: 28" ( 21-622).

Hybrid tires: where the rubber hits the road

The Riverside 500 is equipped with B'Twin Trekking hybrid road and trail tires so you can go anywhere.
The recommended pressure is a minimum of 29 psi and a maximum of 58 psi (details on tire sidewall).
Dimensions 700 x 38 (38-622).

Crankset / Pedals

The Riverside 500 is equipped with versatile single-piece plastic pedals with a wide pedalling surface to help keep the foot on the pedal.
170 mm-long steel cranks.
36-tooth steel chainwheel.
Plastic chainguard.


Your Riverside 500 is supplied with a bell, lights (front/rear), wheel reflectors and pedals.
Depending on the accessory type and bike size, the frame is compatible with:
- front and rear mudguards
- stand
- bottle cage
- saddle bag
- rear pannier rack
- child seat and trailer

Please ask a sales advisor for further details.


13.2 kg in size S without pedals.
13.4 kg in size M without pedals.
13.6 kg in size L without pedals.
The bike comes equipped with B'Twin Flat platform pedals.
The total weight (bike + cyclist) should not exceed 120 kg.


3.9/5 26 reviews
18 of 26 people recommends this product
Good looking bike, enjoyable ride.
Ian (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
Takes a little getting used to the more upright riding position but it's actually nicer to ride, less weight on your arms and you don't get neck ache. Brakes are good once adjusted properly, gear changes slick but it is quite quite low geared, gear 7 is fine on the flat, can't imagine I'll ever need gear 1. Like the ergo handle bars.
Great Bike - Spoiled by the Tyres and Tubes
David (United Kingdom) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
This bike is perfect in so many ways, the frame is beautifully made, smooth gear change, comfortable on roads/well maintained tracks. But be ready for lots of punctures though. I've had 5 in 3 weeks and less than 50 miles of mainly road use. The tyres are very thin in places and the tubes are sub-standard. I have just replaced both tubes with more durable ones and fitted anti-puncture linings, an expense I wouldn't have expected so soon. If that doesn't improve things I guess I'll have to buy new tyres as well. Come on Decathlon, you can do better.
A nice easy to ride bike
Raj (United Kingdom)
This is my first bike in 20 years. It took me a while to find a comfy riding position but I have one now. The ride is comfortable, I primarily ride on roads and only a bit of dirt riding, having the front suspension adds to the ride comfort. The brakes are strong and have good stopping power. The gears are quick to get through but I feel the bike is geared a bit short, I can get to 21mph and the pedals no longer have any drive. The tyres for me are good, they offer good grip on the road and gravel, I have rode around 150 miles on the bike now and I would recommend it.
good all rounder
ian (United Kingdom) Used for More than 1 year
first of all go for the disc brake version of the bike.I bought the v brake version and they arent so good and need constant adjustment.the frame shape is good for easy mount/dismounting.I have changed the rear cassette for a bigger one 40tooth.The front suspension is okay for light off road usage but only has 60mm travel so wont do for tough terrain.(remember to turn the preload anti clockwise to give fork more travel.All in all its a good all rounder which will suit for commuting or occasional touring .Advise also change the tyres to puncture proof .something like continental tour ride is good and cheap.
Cant believe its almost as good as my £1000 bike!
Guida (United Kingdom) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Bought as. bike to keep at your holiday home in Scotland. Thought Id get something really cheap. Took it out for a 2 hour blast around Mugdock country park - what a fantastic bike. Its every bit as comfortable as my Cannondale MTB, 1/3 of the price with a terrific single chain set. - with a brilliant gear selection. Compact chain ring, can get up almost anything. Only issue is that with dirty tyres it's not as grippy as proper MTB tyres. But for £279 its an absolute bargain. Really lovely riding position and comfy saddle. Gear changes are slick mans smooth - recently bought bikes with Shimano Clarus - this is a far smoother gear change.
Karen (United Kingdom) Used for 4 to 6 months
Bought this bike for my 6 mile, each way, journey to work. Relatively flat roads so no off road cycling, but I have struggled with punctures. Bought in February, had 3/4 punctures on back wheel and now changed inner tube. Front wheel now punctured while cycling yesterday! I have NEVER had this number of punctures on any of my bikes in over 10 years of using them. These tyres are not good enough for what Decathlon are advertising the bike is good for - multiple terrain. I like the bike, easy ride and sturdy to commute with but the tyres are simply not good enough!
Nice Bike but Tyres are Rubbish
Andre (United Kingdom) Used for 4 to 6 months
Reviewed this back in May . Liked the bike but found the tyres rubbish . Got 4 punctures on the rear on the first 520 miles and was driving me made . Decided to order myself some anti puncture tyres to try resolve th problem . Whilst waiting for them to come in got a further 3 punctures . So done 740 miles and had 7 punctures.

Fitted my anti puncture tyres and a self sealing inner tube on the back and have done 740 miles on these an NO punctures.

Tyres described as all terrain - NOT. Tyres are so thin and the side walls flimsy and this completely ruined my riding experience and was on the verge of chucking in the bin .

Thank god for the anti puncture tyres . No enjoying again . No fun having to walk 5/6 miles home with a puncture.

My recommendation to Decathlon is to fit better tyres especially as they did increase the price by £30 at the start of the year as I did look at buying this in December and was £249. But opted for a bike from Halfords instead
Great bike
William (United Kingdom) Used for 8 to 12 months
A little on the heavy side but it's smooth fast and great on gravel track !
riverside hybrid bike
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nice all round bike but let down by very poor tires that puncture too easy and i feel are not suitable for a hybrid bike.
Denaldo (United Kingdom)
I had to swap my rockrider to this one and it looks so different, very light bike to carry and very comfortable to ride.