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Play 5 Kids Skates -
Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black
  • Play 5 Kids Skates - Red/Black

Play 5 Kids Skates -

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Our team of roller skating fans has developed this great pair of kids' skates. Is your child a beginner with 91/2 C to 3 feet? Come with us...
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        Fitting comfort

        The boot's machine-stitched lining is made from foam to make it more comfy.

        Glide quality

        For beginners, we use ABEC 1 bearings.


        The precise buckling system and shell provide support and protection.


        Adjust these skates up to 3 sizes to grow them with your child's feet.


        What safety precautions should you take?

        We recommend all of them: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Because you never know which part of your body you're going to land on.

        How to adjust the size

        See the little tongue on the front of the boot? Simply move the hook & loop tab to the number you want. "1" for the smallest size, "2" for the middle size and "3" for the biggest. The space at the front of the foot is then freed up and you gain 2 sizes. Clever, eh?

        A "learning" tip from Laila, Play 5 skates product manager.

        "As parents, when our little ones start skating for the first time, our tendency is to hold both of their arms. It's an automatic reflex, but it's not actually a good idea. So how should you help your child? Take them somewhere with a handrail and tell them to just walk with baby steps while holding the rail in one hand. They're sure to get there ;) "

        Rubber or plastic wheels and brakes?

        Unlike plastic, which skids but doesn't brake, rubber provides good traction. This stops your child from slipping when they push off, as well as helping them brake effectively. What's more, rubber also wears out less quickly than plastic. Our Oxelo teams work hard to keep your child safe - however experienced they are. So we've chosen to equip all of our kids' skates with wheels and brakes made out of rubber, not PVC.

        Do you want to repair or look after your skates?

        You can get wheels of different sizes (including glow-in-the-dark ones), brakes, and compatible screws on our website and in your local Decathlon workshop. It's all easy to assemble. Don't forget to take a look at our tips and tutorials on our Oxelo YouTube page:

        How do you make your wheels last?

        The wheels will wear out more quickly on some parts of your skates. So switch their positions around regularly. It's time to replace them when they've worn down to the first of the seven visible rings inside the wheel.

        How are our products tested?

        All of our skates have been lab tested. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for skates, as well as their resistance to wear. In addition to lab tests, we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven and approved product.

        Optional stability kit (ref. 8282768)

        The hardware kit, also called "stability kit", can be fitted to PLAY3 and PLAY5 inline skates of any size. This "stability kit" means kids can get started in "tricycle" mode. It's the ideal way to increase stability on their first few rides so that they will grow in confidence.



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        171 of 176 people recommends this product
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        mohamed (France) Used for 1 week or less Verified purchase What is a review "Verified purchase" ?

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        Le système de serrage est mal mis au point
        Les longuettes en plastique on lâcher de la 1er utilisation.
        Response of the brand
        Bonjour monsieur,
        Merci pour votre avis sur nos rollers Oxelo Play 5.
        Effectivement, ce problème de réglage que vous avez détecté n'est pas normal et j'en suis désolée.
        Je vous invite à vous rendre dans un magasin Decathlon pour effectuer un changement. Nous pourrons ainsi récupérer cette ancienne paire de rollers pour analyser le problème de production qui est survenu. 
        Merci de votre confiance envers nos produits.

        Laila Alsoued Chef de Produit Roller
        A éviter
        Pauline (France) Used for 7 to 12 months
        Plastique trop fragile, cassé après une dizaine d’utilisations chez un enfant de 6 ans
        Response of the brand
        Bonjour Madame, 
        merci de nous avoir alertés sur le problème rencontré avec les rollers PLAY 5 de votre enfant.
        Nos rollers passent tous les tests normatifs de la réglementation européenne, et Décathlon rajoute en général une bonne marge de sécurité pour s'assurer que les produits que nous mettons sur le marché assurent le meilleur ratio de sécurité/usage. Dans ces tests l'un d'entre eux est un test d'impact, et, comme vous le dites dans votre message, je vous confirme en effet qu'il n'est absolument pas normal que le plastique casse, et à plus forte raison après si peu d'utilisations.
        Pourriez-vous ramener le produit en magasin afin qu'il vous soit échangé, et que nous recevions le produit défectueux afin de le faire analyser par nos ingénieurs produits ?
        Merci de votre aide.

        OLIVIER Chef de produit Roller adulte
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