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Small Inner Tube Repair Patches
Small Inner Tube Repair Patches
  • Small Inner Tube Repair Patches
  • Small Inner Tube Repair Patches
  • Small Inner Tube Repair Patches

Small Inner Tube Repair Patches

Repair patch kit for repairing your inner tubes.
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        100% effective on all types of inner tubes.

        Compact design

        Carry it anywhere thanks to its compact, pocket-sized design.


        How to use a repair patch on an inner tube

        1. Locate the hole on the inner tube.
        2. Rub the surface where the patch will be applied using the sandpaper.
        3. Degrease, clean, and dry the surface.
        4. Spread the glue evenly around the hole.
        5. Wait until the glue turns dull (around 1 minute).
        6. Place the patch over the centre of the hole (without touching the glue or grippy surface of the patch with your fingers) and press hard for at least 1 minute.
        7. Remove the transparent film on the patch.

        Tip from the pros

        Check that no objects are lodged in the tire before putting the inner tube back in place.
        For greater effectiveness, adapt the size and shape of the patch to the puncture.

        Product details:

        8 round patches (15 cm diameter)
        1 piece of sandpaper

        The rubber cement tube needed to apply these patches and repair your punctures (ref: 8545180) is sold separately.


        Optimal lifespan: 5 years at room temperature (16-22°C, 30-70% humidity), out of direct sunlight, and in its packaging.
        Minimum temperature for repairs: +10°C
        Temperature for use: -40°C to +65°C