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26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube
26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube
  • 26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube
  • 26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube
  • 26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube
  • 26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube
  • 26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube

26x1.7/2.2 Self-Repairing Schrader Inner Tube

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This inner tube allows you to continue cycling when a conventional inner tube would have gone flat.
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        26" Schrader valve (large valve) tires and wheels.

        Puncture resistance

        The liquid in the inner tube seals small punctures (< 3 mm).


        The hole is sealed while you ride.


        How to choose your inner tube

        Check the information indicated on the sidewall of the tire (diameter and width). For example, 26 x 2.20 means your tire is 26 inches in diameter and 2.20 inches wide. On the sidewall, you will also find the dimensions in mm in international ETRTO measurements. For example, 50-559 means the tire is 50 mm wide with an inner diameter of 559 mm (or 26 x 2.00).

        Removing an inner tube

        Remove the used inner tube using B'Twin tire levers (item code 8047839).

        What to check before installing your new inner tube

        Check the condition of your tire and replace it if necessary. Make sure no objects are lodged in the tire. Check the condition of your tire rim strip. A rim strip that is even slightly bent can cause punctures. Check that your rim does not have any other issues that could damage your inner tube.

        Installing your inner tube

        Watch our video before you start. Pre-inflate the inner tube slightly to avoid pinching. Insert the valve, making sure you are using the correct valve for your rim. Put the inner tube entirely inside the tire so that it fits inside the rim. Take care not to pinch the inner tube when mounting.

        Mounting the tire

        Start by mounting the tire onto the wheel on the side opposite the valve. Finish mounting the tire at the valve to avoid pinching the inner tube. Never install your tire with a screwdriver or a tire lever, as you risk pinching and puncturing the inner tube.

        Inflating the tire

        Inflate your tire carefully to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer (visible on the tire's sidewall in PSI or bars, 1 bar = 14.51 PSI). Regularly check that your tire is in the correct position as you inflate it.

        Tip from the pros

        To avoid punctures caused by pinching and to get more out of your tires, we recommend that you check your tire pressure before each ride and pump them up if necessary.


        320 g



        5/5 3 reviews
        3 of 3 people recommends this product
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        life saver!
        Jamaliah (Singapore) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
        cycling with family one weekend luckily this tube installed cos it managed to self seal one of my kid's tire and we all made it home - thanks for great product!
        Response of the brand

        Hi Jamaliah!

        Thank you for giving 5 stars and reviewing our self-sealing inner tube. The self-sealing inner tube has sealant in it to seal the openings of the tube in the case of puncture. Do remember to check the tire pressure, and the condition of the tires before each ride to prevent and minimize the chances of getting a puncture. 

        Decathlon City Square Mall will be having the DECARNIVAL on the 15th and 16th June @ City Square Mall Fountain Square. We are inviting all our members and their family members to join us for some games! Hope to see you there!

        Decathlon City Square Mall
        Great tube for the $$
        John (Singapore) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
        I commute with these tubes installed in my MTB HT with semi slick 26" tires and noticed a small puncture mid ride (loss of pressure) Thankfully i had previous experience with pre filled sealant tubes and continued to cycle so that the sealant could do its job. Pressure loss stopped and got home cycling ^^ Just used my BTWin hand pump to bump up the pressure again and it's been all good!
        Response of the brand
        Hi John,

        Great to see that our 26" self repairing inner tubes are working out for you. Now, they come in more sizes for Mountain bikes mainly 27.5" and 29". 

        We hope that the self repairing inner tubes will continue to keep patching holes for you in the future!

        Thank you for shopping with us and we hope to see you again soon! :)


        Syed SYAFIQ
        Decathlon BEDOK (969)
        Oxelo/Geologic Leader (Urban)
        Road/MTB/Hybrid Leader (Btwin)
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        Haven't had any problems with these they do what they say.
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