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Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men



Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men

94 reviews
78 of 94 people recommends this product
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
Trek 100 Hiking Down Jacket -5°C – Men
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This RDS-certified down and feather jacket keeps you warm on bivouac between +5° and -5°C.



Comfortable between 5°C and -5°C.RDS ethical down with a fill power of 800 CUIN.

Compact design

Easily folds away into its left-hand pocket using a zipper with double pull.


Surface-treated outer fabric to prevent water infiltration.


This down jacket weighs approximately 290 g in size L.Fabric 35 g/m2. 15 Denier


How warm is this padded jacket?

Worn as a 3rd layer, this padded jacket has been certified for an active comfort temperature of -5°C during a standardized test in a thermal chamber.
The model is wearing a synthetic long-sleeved T-shirt and a light fleece underneath. It works with a simulated 5 km/h wind.

We have also tested this model in static mode; the comfort temperature is +5°C in this case.

The advantages of duck down and feather filling

The fill power of down has 3 advantages for mountain sports:
- The air trapped in the down and feathers provides thermal insulation
- Ultra lightweight: down is lighter than synthetic filling and offers the same degree of warmth. This saves even more weight in your backpack
- Ultra-compressible

Measuring the fill power of down and feather filling

The fill power is a measure of the down's thermal insulation capacity and its potential to "trap" air. It is expressed in Cuin (cubic inches).
Down with a higher fill power (higher CUIN number) will occupy more space, trap more air and provide greater thermal insulation.

This down jacket with 85% down/15% feathers filling has a guaranteed fill power of 800 CUIN or more (European standard).

* What is RDS certification?

Our traceability system guarantees the origin of the feathers in accordance with our commitment to use responsible materials. Our suppliers commit to using only feathers from ducks raised for their meat and plucked after slaughter.
We have been awarded RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification by a third-party organization.


Filling weight

XS: 82 g
S: 88 g
M: 94 g
L: 101 g
XL: 108 g
2XL: 115 g
3XL: 124 g

How to care for a down and feather jacket

The down jacket can be worn throughout the winter and will require washing.

In brief:
1/ machine wash, 30°, with 2 or 3 tennis balls. Gentle spin cycle.
2/ tumble dry with 2 or 3 tennis balls, and repeat 2 or 3 times until it is completely dry.

In case of rain

The down jacket’s material is water-repellent. It lets drops of water roll off the fabric, delaying water from soaking into the jacket. So we recommend wearing a waterproof jacket over the down jacket in the event of prolonged exposure to rain.

The material’s water repellency (not to be confused with waterproofing)

The water-repellent property of a fabric is its capacity to make water run off its surface without being absorbed. As a result, the fabric doesn't soak up water, staying light and warm.
The fabric is made water-repellent by treating its outer surface, however this property may deteriorate with use.

We recommend that you restore it after each wash.

Restoring water repellency

The water-repellent treatment becomes less effective with time, washing and use.
Here is how to restore the water-repellent properties of your padded jacket!

You can also use the care product. Treatment restoring water-repellent properties

Our products' environmental impact

The environmental impact of the product is calculated over its entire life cycle using different indicators. An ABCDE rating shows the environmental impact of a product. Put forward by ADEME, it takes into account production, transportation, usage, and waste generated at the end of a product’s life.
Decathlon displays this information voluntarily to help you identify products with lower environmental impact. Learn more at:


4.2/5 94 reviews
78 of 94 people recommends this product
trek 100 jacket
D (Canada) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
great warm jacket. i'm normally an xl ordereed a 2xl fits perfectly. havent tried it in minus temps yet but good for vancouver 2-3c temps
Shoukat (India)
Very comfortable, light weight.am loving it
So close to being awesome
Nicholas (United Kingdom) Used for 4 to 6 months
I nearly love this coat. I walk the dog with only a t-shirt underneath and I am still nice and warm. Like most other four star reviews I just want an elasticated cord on the hood to pull it tight and stop the draughts from hurling round my head. A cheeky chest pocket would be amazing as well. Would pay £50 for it then and would never choose another jacket again.
Light, Comfortable And Warm
Darshit (India)
Really works in regions with down to -5 degree celsius temperature. Worked well in the Himalayas in December.
Excllent Product
Vikram (India) Used for 4 to 6 months
This product is same as looks in picture. Best for low temperature and very light in weight. Anyone can buy it without any quiry.
Big price rise
Paul (United Kingdom) Used for 4 to 6 months
Great jacket but wow. 25% price increase from 39.99 to 49.99 is a bit much. It was really good value before, now its approaching the price of branded jackets. I notice the price on decathlon.fr is 50 euro. Bit disappointing to see Decathlon doing this. I appreciate prices rise but 25%?
nice jacket very hot
Madhur (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Nice jacket but duck farm add more
Very rare too good to be true product
D (United States)
If I could give this 6 stars out of 5 I would. The value here is off the charts. I challenge anyone to find an 800 to 850 fill down Jacket that is even within 100 dollars of this one. It's impossible to find another jacket with these specs for under 200 let alone 100. Aside from the specs this thing is the most comfortable jacket I have ever owned. It's the only hacker I have ever owned that doesn't feel restrictive around my shoulders/bust but yet doesnt look baggy. It literally feels like you arent wearing anything but yet you are warm. It's a strange feeling because of how light it is. This jacket even went on sale at one point for 50 bucks so I bought 2 more. Haha! Dont understand how this high of fill power can be sold at this price. Have never discovered a product that is this good of a value compared to the competition.
Most comfy jacket I own
JOHNATHAN (United States)
The jacket is very warm and the loft right out of the box was excellent! I double checked the seams, zippers, and all surfaces of the jacket and didn't see or feel any faults or loose feathers. It is exceptionally comfortable and easy to move around in. The cuffs are elastic and the hem is cinchable if you're thin to keep the wind out. It's not waterproof so I recommend a waterproof shell over it in prolonged wet conditions or a downpour. Love the pockets and zipper garage and the hood is very soft and form fitting which I feel helps it follow your head when you turn to look at something. Going to have to put the product through its paces to get a better feel for its performance but so far it's a 10/10 for me (especially compared to other jackets in this price range) and definitely going to find use both day to day and backpacking.

Note: this jacket runs small. If you're a T-shirt size medium you should get the large of this jacket for standalone use and possibly the extra large if you're going to layer things under it (I may just end up getting 1 of each for these reasons. It's a darn good jacket).
Inexpensive down jacket
JEREMY (United States)
Good Warmth, weight, and price. Sub par stitching. Already have loose strands throughout the jacket.