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500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
500 16” Bike - Kids



500 16” Bike - Kids

2 reviews
2 of 2 people recommends this product
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
  • 500 16” Bike - Kids
500 16” Bike - Kids
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Ready to go cycling? This 16” bike is for kids between 4 and 6 (105 to 120-cm tall) who want to learn to ride a bike.


Easy to learn

The lowered frame makes it easy to get on. Compatible with 16” training wheels.

Brake control

“Stop easy” is an exclusive braking system made for small hands.

Easy to use

Comes with mudguards to protect against splashes and a stand for easy storage.

Bike safety

The chain guard protects them from drivetrain parts.



Stop Easy innovation: a patented braking system designed for children.

Our Stop Easy system provides accessible brakes and a comfortable grip. For more natural movement, the brake lever is pressed parallel to the handlebars. While progressive, this innovative brake lever also provides 30% more braking power compared to a conventional brake lever. A Btwin innovation loved by both parents and children.

Brake type

Brake efficiently thanks to the two V-brake brake pads.
These brakes are composed of calipers that exert more or less pressure on the rim to slow down or stop the rotation of the wheels.


Tire with an inner tube (inflatable) and knobs. Their shape gives them good grip on everyday terrain (bike trails, grass, etc.).

Can training wheels be added?

Yes, if your child needs them. Our 16” Btwin training wheels are compatible with all our bikes in this size. They can be installed and removed without tools.

What about comfort?

This bike is designed for kids’ bodies: the width of the handlebars and the diameter of the grips are designed for small hands. The foam saddle provides a comfortable seat.

A bike that grows with your child.

The saddle is height-adjustable to adapt to your growing child.

What is a guard for?

So they don’t put their fingers where they shouldn’t, a guard was added to protect them from the mechanical elements of the drivetrain (crank, chain, freewheel, etc.). It also prevents laces getting caught and clothes being dirtied. The decorations are set into the plastic of the guard for greater durability.

What accessories are included?

A bell, front and rear lights, and wheel reflectors (attached to the spokes).

Dimensions of the assembled product

Length: 118 cm
Width: 48 cm
Height: 68.5 cm



4.5/5 2 reviews
2 of 2 people recommends this product
Fantastic service, Good bike
Ankur (United Kingdom) Used for 3 to 8 weeks Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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Great service in the shop - Demonstrated well - Checked and fixed everything before payment
Good Bike, Crap Brakes, redesign needed
Kevin (United Kingdom) Used for More than 2 years
I have to say the bike itself is very good and well made and my daughter loves it she got it for her Birthday just under 2 years ago, we bought it big so she would grow into it, but I have to say the braking system on it is total crap, I fully appreciate its a child's bike but for the sake of an extra £10-£20 they could put a descent braking system on it and id still pay the money for it, ever since we have gotten it ive had to tinker with the brakes on a weekly basis to get it to work right and it not because I dont know what im doing, they are just very poorly made and designed and no, ive not taken it back to the shop because I know they themselves could not make them work any better. Its a poor design and something Decathlon really needs to look at. one other small issue is the mud guards are just slightly too close to the tyres when u consider kids go into all kinds of mud with these bikes,, the wheels sometimes get clogged up. The gap between the tyre and the mudguard should be about 10mm more, especially at the end of the back mudguard and no u cant adjust them any more than I already have because the wire that goes to the wheel nuts cannot be altered in length. Ive been buying from Decathon for nearly 20 years now and have bot lots and lots of stuff from them and this is only the 2nd time ive had to write a poor review on their products.
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