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Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
Elops 520 city bike



Elops 520 city bike

6 reviews
4 of 6 people recommends this product
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
  • Elops 520 city bike
Elops 520 city bike
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Designed for all your urban destinations. Ride around town regularly and have fun!


User comfort

Ride comfortably thanks to the upright position.

Easy to use

Make your ride enjoyable: pannier rack, basket, anti-twist coil, 6 speeds.

Bike safety

This is a safer bike thanks to its built-in LED lights and durable tires.

Lifetime warranty

Will last long:lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar, and fork.


Ride in pairs: the pannier rack was designed to hold a stationary baby carrier.



Why choose a high frame?

Provides improved stiffness and propulsion during rides. With its specific hybrid bike geometry, the steel frame with a high standover height lets you comfortably ride with a straight back. It comes with a lifetime warranty.
What about the sizing? S/M : 1 m 55 - 1 m 75, 28-inch wheels ; L/XL: 1 m 75 - 1 m 95, 28-inch wheels.


Your Elops 520 bike has 6 speeds on an external derailleur for improved versatility on reasonable inclines. Going up hills and accelerating after a red light become child's play.


For efficient, safe braking, your bike is equipped with aluminum front and rear calliper V-brakes.


"The Elops 520 comes equipped with a steering spring in addition to steel handlebars with an ergonomic design and an aluminum damper stem (for lighter weight).

The result? You ride more comfortably, and the handlebars won’t swing to the side once you lean the bike on the stand."

A steel seat post and a comfortable seat:

"The steel seat post further absorbs vibrations and the screw-in seat clamp collar limits the risk of theft. And the seat? That’s is our favourite part: after numerous tests, we created this wide seat with hard foam adapted at the pressure points of the glutes on the seat.
Why this one? Because it’s by far the most comfortable!"


The Elops 520 has 28-inch wheels with a single-wall rim and raw aluminum spokes. To protect your spokes and avoid flat tires, inflate your tires to a pressure between 3.5 and 4.5 bars. The wheel is attached to a hub with nuts, to lower the risk of theft while riding in the city.


"We chose very wide tires (45 mm) so that you can ride comfortably in town: a smooth rolling bike that can easily drive over small obstacles on the way. Not even cobblestones, sewer drains, potholes, or tramway rails can make you lose your balance.
You can inflate your tires at a service station. To avoid flat tires, keep them at a constant pressure between 3.5 and 4.5 bars (depending on your weight).

Accessories and fittings to make your journey easier:

"We added a couple of details to make your urban rides easier:
The stand on the rear wheel stays out of the way while you pedal. The pannier rack can hold up to 27 kg (the standard for supporting a baby carrier) and the rack can hold up to 7 kg.
With the front and rear LED lighting (powered by bottle dynamo), you can say goodbye to batteries: light extends to 30 m in front of you, and 150 m behind you.
The bike also has mudguards and a chain guard so that you can arrive at work spotless."


"You can add VIOO Clip lights (sold separately) at the ends of your handlebars to be visible from every angle.
There is also space for a frame lock and a folding lock.
Your bike is compatible with the entire Btwin range of travel bags so that you can ride hands-free.
Finally, we took special care to create a pannier rack that would meet all standards so that you can mount your baby carrier in good conscience."

A bike designed for everyday use in town.

"Obviously, we wanted to offer a beautiful bike. But also a comfortable, practical, and reliable one. For example:
A slightly curved fork for absorbing the vibrations of cobblestones.
Double elastic band in the basket for holding your lock.
A Z-type reflector on the pannier rack for you to stay visible in all situations.
Come discover this bike’s abundance of carefully designed details!"

We are proud to present...

"...a bike that we entirely redesigned ourselves. All through the help of a 4-person design team, many discussions with components engineers, mock-ups, prototypes, and huge numbers of tests over the course of 4 years.
In the end, we are thrilled to offer you a bike that is both elegant and simply comfortable to make all of your outings more joyful."

One final tip before getting on the road?

"Fanny, product engineer of the Elops 520, on how to best use your city bike:
"While travelling on a bike is part of a routine at first, it can quickly become an escape. And caring for your bike is similar to caring for a car: so take it to the shop! To fully take advantage of those moments of escape, regularly service your tires, brakes, and drivetrain."



3.7/5 6 reviews
4 of 6 people recommends this product
I love the bike, very comfortable, has issues
David (United Kingdom) Used for More than 1 year
I absolutly love this bike, it is very comfortable bike to ride and it is strong, the rack has 5 fixing points making it strong. The wheels are fine as long as the hubs are seviced. The dynamo lights areadequate and reliable and means no messing around. The tyres are a bit puncture prone and I upgraded to Schwalbe Big Apple tyres. The front brake balance needs trimming regularly but stopping power is adequate. Biggest issue for me was the stem. It seemed to be poorly made and no alligned properly. After a few weeks of trying to get the steering to run true I gave up and replaced the stem.
Poor value - multiple issues within 7 months
Nayemul (United Kingdom) Used for 8 to 12 months
Although the bike is attractive looking do not be received by the low price - it is poor quality for regular use. Within 7 months of normal usage Ihave had 3 punctures and gears getting stuck twice. After taking it in for a service to get the gears fixed after 6 months, the issue reoccurred within 40 days
Far exceeded my expectations
Christian (United Kingdom) Used for More than 2 years
I was always a little suspicious of this bike when I bought it - it seemed just *too* cheap, especially given all the useful features. And yet I have ridden it about 14 miles a day for the last 2 years, and had just one component fail: the dynamo mount was bent whilst the bike was locked up, but the replacement part cost £8 and was easy to replace. The built in lights are a great convenience (but a bit noisy). It's incredibly comfortable to ride (wide tyres are great) and I feel very stable and confident when negotiating London traffic. It's not the fastest up hills, but otherwise it's no slouch (despite its looks) and is excellent for pulling away from traffic lights.
Comfortable but heavy
Mark (United Kingdom) Used for More than 2 years
I bought this bike beacuse I was looking for something comfortable, which it is. After two years constant use the bike has also proved to be very durable. The only issue I have with the bike is that it is heavy. So heavy in fact that I'm usually passed by mostly everyone. Fortunately most of the roads I use the bike on are flat, but steep hills do cause problems, and I tend to have to get off and push. I wouldn't buy this particualr bike again, instead I'd pay a bit extra and go for the aluminimum framed version instead.
Great bike for a great price
Michal (United Kingdom) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Very good quality bike, quite heavy, but rides smoothly and is very comfortable. Definitely can recommend. I'm 5.8' and L/XL is a perfect size.
daisy (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
Great Bike. But what pump do I need for this bike?
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