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Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men



Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men

109 reviews
85 of 109 people recommends this product
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
  • Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
Trek 100 Hiking Boots - Men
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Co-designed with a group of trekking enthusiasts, these boots are made for walking on driveable routes with maximum grip and comfort.



These boots are constructed with highly durable materials.


Waterproof and breathable membrane for use in all conditions.


Crosscontact sole for better grip and traction on hard, wet ground.


Two top hooks and one blocking hook for ankle support.

Foot motion

Flexible sole that supports the motion of the foot – ideal for easy terrain.


506 g per shoe in size 9.


Durable and high-performance polyurethane midsole.


Waterproofing test

Footwear waterproofing test: These boots have been tested in the lab and the field and have a waterproof membrane for optimum protection in the rain. To start, the boots are immersed in water with pressurized air inside to check that no bubbles form on the surface. Next, they are put on a mechanical foot that simulates walking. They are half immersed in water to make sure the inside remains perfectly dry.

Three levels of waterproofing

We test three levels of waterproofing during the test: 2000 flexes (about 4 km of walking), 4000 flexes (about 8 km of walking), and 8000 flexes (about 16 km of walking). When the boot dries, it regains its original waterproofing.

Waterproofing level

The Trek 100 boot has passed the waterproofing test with 8000 flexes, i.e., 16 km of walking in water up to the middle of the upper.

Lab tests

Laboratory tests were conducted to test the following elements:
- eyelet and webbing attachment
- sole assembly
- toxicology
- UV resistance
- abrasion of the sole and upper component
- accelerated aging

Buying tips

Try on both boots while standing and wearing your hiking socks. Try on several models or sizes if necessary. Check two comfort points: the base of the heel and the toes when walking downhill.
You shouldn't feel any pressure points when trying them on. Feel free to walk around the store.
Gradually wear in your boots over the course of a few hikes so that they conform to your feet.


Trek 100 boots are made in Romania.
Most materials are of European origin.



4/5 109 reviews
85 of 109 people recommends this product
Hiking boots for occasional.
Pierre (Canada) Used for 2 week or less Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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The label "Verified purchase" let's help you judge the reliability of a review.
Not top quality but good for occasional hikers. Good ratio price for value.
Nice Shoe But Can't Use For Long
Seshadri (India) Used for More than 2 years
I did 4 treks using this shoe. After that I packed up for 6-7 months (due to lockdown)

I have plans for the trek next month, so I took it out today to use the shoe before going on the trip.
But to my utter surprise the shoes have just torn apart.
If a shoe cannot be stored for 6-7month then why should I spend 6k in a shoe like this?
Response of the brand

Hello Seshadri

Thank you for your valuable review. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with the product. Please be assured that we intend to provide you the best possible solution for the issue you faced. Please write back to me with some images of the issue.


Product Trainer and Passionate Backpacker

Absolute Fantastic!!!
Laukik (India) Used for 2 week or less
For the given price, the shoes are absolute stunning in all respects. It is definitely worth the cost of the shoes. It has all the aspects that you need for hiking from a mid-level shoes.
Ideal For It
Hitesh n (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
For safe trackking it is must
Sikarin (Thailand)
เป็นรองเท้าที่ดี กันน้ำกันในได้สบายมาก ผมใส่ขี่มอเตอร์ไค์ออกทริป ตากฝน3-4ชั่วโมง เท้าแห้งสนิท เสียอย่างเดียวร้อนและหนักไปนิดนึงครับ
Response of the brand

สวัสดีครับคุณ Sikarin


รองเท้าเดินป่า รุ่น Men's Waterproof Leather Boots - TREKKING 100 ONTRAIL Grey ออกแบบมาเพื่อให้ง่ายต่อการสวมใส่มากที่สุดในวัสดุที่ทนทาน พร้อมราคาที่จับต้องได้ง่ายที่สุด สำหรับคำติชมทางเราจะนำไปปรับปรุงในโอกาสต่อไปครับ


A Normal Shoe. And Itz Not Rainproof
Tahir (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
Gets wet inside with a simple shower . Not worth
Really Good
Ayush (India) Used for More than 2 years
Used it for many treks. Still in great shape. Can be used for many more treks. Worth the price.
Robust, Light Weight And Handsome Pair
Nakul (India) Used for 3 to 8 weeks
This shoe is very nimble and a practical pair of hiking shoe. Highly popular and just works very well. The sole provides ample grip on dirt and even in wet conditions.
Worst Experience With The Sole
Syam (India) Used for More than 2 years
I am giving it a one star since decathlon is cheating people with poor quality product.. The sole of this shoe is made of 40% PU material.. And this material turns to pieces when contact with moisture.. So if u r not trekking for 4-5 months, then fungus like subject will come to the sole and will turn it to dust. Even though the upper part won't be having any problems, with out the sole there won't be any use with this.. So u can throw it in dust bin, and trust me, this happens after two years, Exactly after warranty ends.. And even if it happens on warranty period they won't return it.. So go for 100% rubber grip product.. Not the mediocre product
Response of the brand

Hello Syam

Thank you for taking the time to give your valuable review. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with the product. Trek 100 Boots has 40% TPU to make the sole harder as it's a need for trekking boots for uneven trails and it is suggested to store in a dry place.

However, If you prefer 100% rubber role our new Trek 100 Textile Eco design boots and Trek 100 leather boots come with 100% rubber sole. You can explore the product below.

Trek 100 Textile :https://www.decathlon.in/p/8554631/hiking-and-trekking-boots/men-s-waterproof-trekking-boots-trekking-100-synth-grey

Trek 100 Leather : https://www.decathlon.in/p/8501910/hiking-and-trekking-boots/men-s-waterproof-leather-trekking-boots-trekking-100-brown


Product Trainer and Passionate Backpacker

Sahid (India)