Fishing Line 100% Fluorocarbon 50 m


    This fluorocarbon is designed for your leaders and other rigs. 18/100 to 35/100 (50-metre reel) 40/100 to 90/100 (25-metre reel) Using fluorocarbon makes your rigs more discreet. This line is almost invisible underwater, thanks to its refraction index that is close to that of water.


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    Wed, Nov 02, 2022



    : 3 to 8 weeks

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    I am an angler from meghalya.. I tried this line on a 1kg river fish.. the line broke.. very disappointed with the product


    Hi PK,Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and we're sorry to hear you had a bad one. It is really unfortunate that our product didn't meet your expectations. I would love to help you on this issue but for that I need few details from you. One is to be clear o

    n the point the above product is a leader line and should be tied to the existing line at the end for about 1m. What weights were you using along with this?And did you use swivel with it?Kindly help me to understand these details so that I can give a clear solution. Also kindly bring your product to a nearby Decathlon store. Our sport leader will give it a look and if the product comes under warranty (manufacturing defects) we'll exchange the product with new one. Feel free to contact us incase of queries. Merwyn