3-Person Camping Tent - 2 Seconds Fresh & Black White


Treat yourself to comfort: spacious bedroom, good height under the roof, and the Fresh & Black technology that offers coolness and darkness for a good sleep. Treat yourself to comfort: spacious bedroom, good height under the roof. Opt for the Fresh&Black concept to sleep in the cool and dark. No more frustration when heading off with our Easy folding.


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Mon, Jan 30, 2023

Tent review


: 4 to 6 months

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It opens really quick. However not quite easy while wrapping it back up

Easy assembly/dismantling2
Compact design5


Hello Christina, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review ! Product reviews are sent directly to our engineers. When designing a product, they rely on the feedback of our users to be able to propose new ones that better meet the needs/expectations of our customers.We

are sorry to hear that our 3-Person Camping Tent - 2 Seconds Fresh & Black White doesn't fully satisfy you, but rest assured that your opinion will be taken into account by our teams. Sportingly, Paul


Sat, Jan 21, 2023

Solid construction and easy setup


: 4 to 6 months

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Seems of great quality and construction, a bit confusing to fold up, but with patience and practice it gets easier.

Easy assembly/dismantling3
Compact design3


Dear Paul, Thanks for your feedback, yes the pop-up tent does take a few times of closing to become master of it.If you need more info on our tents don't hesitate to reach out to us. Sportingly Kaushal

Sun, Sep 03, 2023

Neat tent, but time save is marginal

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I wanted to use the tent a few times since I got it before I wrote a review, we've been out with it 5 times now. tldr: Set up is marginally faster than a regular tent, it's small inside, awkward to fit into the car, has mediocre ventilation, poor entrance design for wet con

ditions, awesome blackout fabric, putting away the tent is a pain. Set up is indeed fast, but after staking down the tent, the time you save is marginal over a traditional pole-supported dome tent. The blackout fabric is the best feature, headlights from cars arriving at the campgrounds barely make it through, and sleeping through the night is fairly easy because of that. The tent is really more of a cave, I can barely sit up inside without my head touching the top. The bathtub floor at the entrance of the tent has no way to remain rigid and upright, when it's dry we've been supporting it with our shoes and some bags on the inside of the tent. But, when it's dry that's also when having an upright tub is the least important. When it's rainy, I live in a rain forest, water drips from the awning onto the bathtub floor which is laying now inside the tent, placing shoes or bags there would have the bags collecting rainwater. Our camp mattress sucks up a lot of water coming in from the front. The rain fly zipper is really, really tough to pull and very loud. Not a big problem but it does feel bad to create so much noise when leaving the tent to go to the restroom at night or when waking up. The tent doesn't stay as cool as I would have expected from the blackout fabric, The side vents could be a bit larger, and maybe some kind of top vent (which is hard for this design) to allow heated air to escape. Collapsing the tent is a considerable pain, and it takes less time to put away our Arpenaz 4.1 Tent. The amount of force necessary to bend the tent back into its smallest circle is more than my partner can muster and still quite a bit for myself. It barely fits back into the bag as well. There is a constant feeling of doing something wrong with this tent when putting it away, but there is really only one way to go about it. This amount of force needed to collapse does give me worries about the longevity of the tent as well. The waterproofing is good, it's rained on us several times and the only water ingress has been from the front of the tent. A small tent in the rain isn't very fun though, as you don't have a lot of room to do things inside. There was a bit of condensation build-up on the inside, but no more than expected. The only other thing I'd mention is that finding a good place in the car with the tent folded up is difficult. A regular tube-shaped, rolled-up tent is much easier to fit into the camping Jenga that is most of our vehicles. Personally, I'd recommend a more traditional tent like the Quechua MH100 XL F&B or Forclaz MT500 F&B. I can only recommend this tent to people going to music festivals, or camping is dry and cool climates.