Camping Sleeping Bag -5°C to 0°C – MT 900 Dark Sepia


    You can sleep at temperatures between -5°C to 0°C with this down and feather sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is warm and light thanks to the loft (800 cuin) of the down used. It is also very compressible. Body shape and adjustable hood with good coverage and a drawstring.


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    Tue, Nov 07, 2023


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    Fri, Sep 29, 2023

    sleeping bag


    : 3 to 8 weeks

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    decent bag for april to october with a good sleeping mat

    Sleep quality4
    Optimum temperature4
    Easy transport4

    Wed, May 10, 2023

    Good shape


    : 8 to 12 months

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    I've used this bag comfortably at -5C (single wall tent, wearing base layer bottoms and a fleece top, 170cm guy in the medium sleeping bag, minimal wind). The shape is good and seems to minimise down migration, compared to other competitor bags where I'd wake and all the down

    has escaped down the sides Be sure to weigh your bag or take scales to the shop when buying. My first one was 80grams under weight, which is several degrees of temperature lost. Returned any my second one was at the advertised weight.

    Sleep quality5
    Optimum temperature5
    Easy transport5

    Tue, Feb 07, 2023

    Bad product


    : More than 2 years

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    I bought it 2 years ago and since that time I was using that bag on few motorcycle trips. This Bag is not worth the money that you need to pay for it. First. Bag is loosing a lot of down every time when I use it. Second. Down for sure is NOT 800cuin like you can find in th

    e description. I think is more like 600cuin. Third. This bag is COLD! no chance to sleep comfortable wearing merino thermal underwear in temperature close to 0c I am so unhappy with that purchase!

    Sleep quality3
    Optimum temperature3
    Easy transport4