SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
  • SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy
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SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy

Fait pour: Our skier-designers have developed these pants for advanced Freeriders and Free-Tourers who operate all season.
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Very waterproof (membrane with 12,000 mm rating). 100% sealed seams.


A membrane to wick away perspiration. Ventilation zippers.

Freedom of movement

Their cut with preformed knees gives you good freedom of movement.


Freeride 900 removable liner-shorts for good insulation in cold weather.


Resistant component, designed for intensive freeriding.


3 secure front pockets

Easy to use

Removable snow skirt.


Adjustable elastic waistband with Velcro strap.



Edge reinforcements in ultra-resistant material


Gaiters allow easy access to the hooks on the top of the boots to optimize the movement of the boots with the ski/walk function by opening the upper's hooks. Particularly useful for those who walk or use skins to get to a nice slope.

What to wear under your ski pants?

The first layer as ski base-layer leggings: breathable. The second layer as padded shorts: insulation The third layer - ski pants: protection from rain, snow, and wind

The first layer

This is what keeps you dry, by ensuring the transfer of perspiration from the skin to the other layers. Ideally, breathable liner pants close to the body and with a length stopping above the boots

The second layer

To provide heat, you need a second layer that insulates you from the cold. This is the role of pullovers and fleece sweaters, as well as jackets. Built-in jacket: 115 g/m² recycled wadding for good insulation. Ergonomic cut. Fleece insert provides warmth and freedom of movement. Two zippers mean you can remove the liner shorts without having to remove the pants.

The third layer:

Protection from external elements (snow, rain, and wind) by preventing them from getting in (while still allowing perspiration to escape, so as not to get "wet from the inside"). So it's perfectly waterproof AND breathable. The third layer can also help insulate in the case of lined pants or jackets and thereby complement the action of the second layer.

How can I prevent snow from getting in when I fall?

A snow skirt is a form of protection situated at waist level. It prevents snow and air from getting in on the slopes and especially in the case of a fall. It can be attached to the jacket using 3 loops with a snap.

How can I be sure my jacket is strong enough?

We know how much energy is expended during a day's skiing or snowboarding. That’s why we take particular care in choosing all the elements that make up our products to guarantee the best possible protection.

Can I be sure my jacket will protect me well in bad weather?

To tackle bad weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.), the FREERIDE 900 jacket was developed with a sophisticated component and assembly that prevents water from getting in and reduces wind chill. To check that they are effectively waterproof and watertight, these pants have been placed in a special shower reproducing the conditions a skier may have to cope with. Finally, we wore them for several days' skiing under all conditions to validate this waterproofness

What's the point of having water-repellent pants?

The water-repellent property of a fabric is its capacity to allow water to run off its surface without seeping in. FREERIDE 900 pants are made from water-repellent materials to prolong their resistance to bad weather. This is an additional technical solution for staying dry for as long as possible on the ski slopes. You should repeat this treatment regularly using products sold in our stores to maintain these properties.

What is a membrane and what's it for?

The membrane is a very fine component applied to the inner surface of the outer fabric. This hydrophilic component prevents water from seeping in while wicking away perspiration. The membrane is unbeatable when it comes to staying warm and dry.

Water often gets in through the seams. Do my pants have taped seams?

As well as the waterproof material, we use sealed seams to make FREERIDE 900 pants more waterproof. These are waterproof adhesive strips taped to the inside seams of the garment to make it perfectly watertight.

How will my ski pants keep me warm?

We use removable liner shorts to keep you warm. The wadding is a synthetic material with a polyester base that stores a greater or lesser quantity of air depending on the size of fibres used. There are standard, technical, and siliconized types of wadding, which each offer different properties (warmth, lightness, elasticity, etc.). In the intermediate season, it may be preferable to wear ordinary shorts in place of padded liner shorts, so as not to be too hot.

What are "breathable" pants?

It's the ski pants' ability to let moisture produced during exercise escape to the outside, in order to keep you dry. To find out if a fabric is breathable, its evaporative resistance, called RET (standardized test ISO 11092), is measured. The lower the RET, the more breathable the fabric. Wedze uses technical components and solutions (zippers, ventilation, mesh) preventing condensation inside the garment.


Machine wash - 30° max - normal
Do not bleach
Tumble dry - low heat
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean


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