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Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey
  • Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey

Adult D-Ski Helmet H100 - Grey

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Developed for occasional skiers seeking a simple helmet for safely negotiating their first ski turns.
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        Adjustment wheel at the back of the head to adjust the fit.


        6 air vents for air cooling and eliminating moisture.


        475 g in size M.

        Impact protection

        Complies with the 1077-B standard. ABS Structure for superior strength.


        Thin earpieces. Comfortable foam pads inside.

        Easy to use

        Goggles locked with 2 hooks.

        Easy to care for

        Foam padding that can be removed and machine washed at 30°C.



        Wedze helmets and goggles are designed to fit together to form a unit.


        The tightening wheel plays a key role in ensuring that your helmet does not come off. This user-friendly system is designed for making precise adjustments at any time using an adjustment wheel that is accessible even when wearing skiing gloves. It is comfortable in use and very safe. Turn the adjustment wheel clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen.


        This type of structure has an outer shell made of injection-moulded ABS to withstand powerful impacts. It combines durability with a significant capacity to withstand bumps and impacts. The internal EPOS liner absorbs impacts in the event of a collision. Replace your ski helmet at least every 5 years, as long as it hasn’t suffered a significant impact in the meantime.

        EN 1077 standard

        The EN 1077 standard is a European standard that applies to helmets used for cranial protection during downhill skiing and snowboarding. This standard tests the capacity to absorb impacts and resist penetration. There are 2 classes:
        - Class A: protects the top and back of the head as well as the ears and the side of the head.
        - Class B: Protects the top and back of the head but does not cover the ears.


        * Measure the circumference of your head in centimetres (around the middle of the forehead and just above the ears).
        * Then choose the size that covers this measurement.
        Example: if the circumference of your head is 56 cm, try a 55-59 cm helmet size.


        Take plenty of time to try it on properly. You should not feel any pressure points. If this is the case, try another model. Always consider trying on your helmet with your goggles, because not all helmets are compatible with every pair of goggles. A helmet matches a pair of ski goggles when there is no gap between the top of the goggles and the helmet.


        When skiing, the ski helmet must be well adjusted and fit properly:
        * It must be in the right size.
        * The head circumference must be adjusted with the adjustment wheel.
        * The chin strap must be properly adjusted.
        It's a bit like a car seat belt: if it is too loose, it will not perform its function and you will be less well protected.


        Do not wear a thick hat under your helmet as it will increase the distance between the helmet and your head and you will be less well protected.
        Instead, wear a very thin liner hat or balaclava that won't diminish your safety. A helmet has good insulating properties. There is often no point in adding another layer. Also, do not fasten a camera to your helmet as it can affect your safety. The standard does not take into account elements that are added to the helmet.


        The helmets have a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) classification. It cannot be exchanged. A ski helmet complies with a standard. We cannot guarantee that the purchased helmet has not experienced an impact and therefore still complies with the standard.



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