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Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon
  • Women's Freeride Ski Pants FR900 - Maroon

SFR 900 Women's Freeride Ski Pants - Burgundy

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        Our skier-designers designed these pants for advanced Freerider and Freer Touring skiers who ski throughout the season in all conditions.



        Very waterproof (membrane with 15,000 mm rating). Fully taped seams.


        Membrane that facilitates moisture wicking with an RET of 12. Vent zippers.

        Freedom of movement

        Their design with preshaped knees offers good freedom of movement.


        Freeride 900 padded shorts for good insulation in cold weather.


        Durable component and reinforced hems – essential for Freeride use.


        1 hand pocket and 2 thigh pockets, all closed with waterproof zippers.

        Easy to use

        Removable snow skirt.


        Adjustable elastic waistband with velcro.


        Additional features

        Ankle reinforcements made of an ultra-durable material to prolong life span Removable snow skirt Option to connect the jacket and pants to prevent drafts Large zipped air vent at the side for easily removing the shorts.


        Gaiters that provide easy access to the buckles at the top of the boots. These are used to optimize the movement of boots with a ski/walk function by opening the upper buckles. Particularly useful for those who walk or use ski skins to seek out a great ski slope.

        What should you wear under your ski pants?

        The first layer, or base layer, e.g. skiing leggings: breathable. The second layer, e.g. padded shorts: Insulation The third layer, the ski pants: protection from rain, snow, and wind

        How can I prevent snow from entering when I fall?

        The snow skirt is a protective system worn around the waist. It prevents snow and drafts from entering when practising winter sports, especially in the event of a fall. It can be fastened to the jacket using the 3 loops with a snap.

        How can I be sure my jacket is strong enough?

        We know how much energy is expended during a day's skiing or snowboarding. That’s why we take particular care in choosing all the elements that make up our products to guarantee the best possible protection.

        Can I be sure that my pants will protect me well in bad weather?

        To tackle bad weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.), the FREERIDE 900 pants were developed with a sophisticated component and assembly that prevent water from getting in and reduce wind chill. To validate the waterproof rating, the pants were placed under a special shower to replicate the conditions that a skier may face. Lastly, we went skiing for several days in all types of conditions to validate the waterproofing of the product.

        What is the water-repellent feature of my pants for?

        The water-repellent property of a fabric is its ability to make water run off its surface without absorbing it. This prevents the fabric from absorbing water so that it stays lightweight, breathable, and warm. The water-repellent property is obtained by applying a treatment to the outer surface of the fabric. This treatment needs to be reactivated during the lifetime of the garment when it is washed. All the Wedze jackets have received a water-repellent treatment.

        Tutorial on how to wash your waterproof garment

        With each wash, we recommend that you follow these guidelines to maintain the technical features of your clothing. After 3 washes, restore the water-repellent property with a waterproof spray or wash-in product.

        What is a membrane or coated component?

        The coating is like paint applied to the inside of the fabric making the component waterproof while remaining breathable. It is often less costly than a membrane and needs to be protected by a lining. The membrane is a kind of very thin plastic film (polyurethane) that makes the component waterproof while remaining breathable. It has the advantage of being more flexible, lighter, more durable, and often more breathable than a coating.

        Water often gets in through the seams. Do my pants have taped seams?

        In addition to the waterproof fabric, the waterproofing of the FREERIDE 900 jacket has been enhanced by taping the seams. These are waterproof adhesive strips taped to the inside seams of the garment to make it perfectly watertight.

        Waterproofing/Shower test

        This garment has been validated in a shower test under 450 L/m²/hour of water for 4 hours. This test replicates the conditions of a tropical typhoon.

        How do my ski pants keep me warm?

        We use removable padded shorts to keep you warm. The wadding is a polyester-based synthetic material that traps more or less air according to the size of the fibres. There are standard, high-tech, and silicone-coated wadding materials that each provide different properties (warmth, lightness, elasticity, etc.) In the spring and fall, it may be preferable to wear simple breathable liner shorts rather than padded shorts so that you don't feel too hot.

        What are "breathable" pants?

        This is the capacity of the ski pants to let the water vapour produced by the body escape during physical effort so you stay dry. To find out if a fabric is breathable, we measure its total evaporative resistance, or RET (test based on the ISO 11092 standard). The lower the RET, the more breathable the fabric. Wedze uses technical components and solutions (zippers, ventilation, mesh) that prevent condensation inside the garment.

        What is the RECCO® system?

        All our Freeride jackets and pants are equipped with the RECCO® system. With RECCO® technology, you can be located in the event of an avalanche. Someone who is equipped with RECCO® reflectors and is buried in the snow can be quickly and accurately located by the emergency services using the RECCO® tracker. RECCO reflectors are not a substitute for an avalanche beacon. The RECCO® technology works as a complementary measure, increasing the chances of being found in time.



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        La doudoune pantalon à l'intérieur est taillé très petite. Il lui manque une ceinture, elle ne tient pas en place.
        La jupe part neige du pantalon ne fait que descendre c'est dommage elle perd son utilité.
        Il est vraiment très beau je suis déçu
        Très pratique
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        Acheté spécialement pour le ski de rando, il est vraiment pratique au niveau des fermetures, léger imperméable. Je n’utilise pas le corsaire
        Bon Pantalon de Freeride
        Used for More than 2 years
        Je n'ai pas acheté le modèle de cette saison mais j'ai celui de l'année passée et de trois ans en arrière. Le tissue, la coupe etc sont top. Merci davod'a rajouter encore plus de poches, cela sera très utile. Ayant deja le corsaire intérieur en plumes, j'aurais aimé pouvoir acheter que le pantalon extérieur cette saison. Merci Decathlon pour ce produit de qualité.
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