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Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange
  • Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange
  • Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange
Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange



Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange

3 reviews
2 of 3 people recommends this product
  • Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange
  • Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange
Snorkelling Buoy 100 Neon Orange
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We thought of adults and children who would like to explore the coastal seabed from the surface.


Freedom of movement

For swimming with flippers or barefoot, while observing the ocean floor.


When slipped under your arms or tummy, this buoy allows you to rest.

Easy to use

No need for instructions, all you have to do is rest on it!

Compact design

Inflatable/deflatable to take up less space. Take it with you anywhere!


Excellent balance between hard-wearing and soft material.



This float contains no PVC.

Dimensions of the float

Weight: 75 grams. Length when folded: 15 cm.
Width when folded: 5 cm.

What is the difference between freediving and snorkelling?

At Subea, the Decathlon diving brand, we decided on a simple way to define the difference between our freediving and snorkelling products: From the moment you hold your breath and swim under the surface of the water even a few metres, it is freediving. On the other hand, if you stay on the surface, this is snorkelling.


4/5 3 reviews
2 of 3 people recommends this product
Sea sausage
Emmanuel (Singapore) Used for 2 week or less
Somehow it just feels great. Feels sturdy and durable enough to withstand the inevitable (rough) playfulness the sea sausage naturally evokes.
Of course it does it's intended job well too with just the right length, surface texture and flexibility (when not excessively inflated) to support a child or adult's body in the water without slipping off. Does so comfortably and can be used in various positions. 100% would recommend!
Response of the brand

Hello Emmanuel,

Thank you again for this new feedback.

The SUBEA snorkeling Buoy 100 is definitely a great buoyancy aid for all your water activities and it's very convenient travel with, thanks to its inflatable design. We're very pleased that you like.

Hope you'll come again to our events to try more products.

Have a nice day

Make bubbles & smile

Fabrice, Omnichannel Sport Leader: Diving | Snorkelling | Free Diving

Hokkien noodle float
kari (Australia) Used for 3 to 8 weeks Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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This product satisfied me very much, and provides hours of entertainment. I played with this in a swimming pool and took turns with a boy to try to shoot it up out of the water, but it did not work. However, it acts as an excellent javilin. I would recommend to not blow it up ALL the way otherwise the chances of popping will increase. Overall, a very entertaining and takes up little space.
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