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Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack



Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack

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  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
  • Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
Essential 15 cm Cones 6-Pack
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These arrow-shaped cones were designed to make your club or individual training sessions simpler and more effective.



The supple material means that these cones survive trampling.


Notches on the base enable better grip on grass and artificial turf.

Easy to learn

The cone's arrow shape shows you which direction to move in.


These neon cones can be seen from up to 50 m away.

Easy to use

Save time and space: easily stack your cones.


Optimised material use for a lower CO2 impact.


Introducing the Essential collection

We watched players on the field and spent a lot of time talking to coaches to establish their needs when setting up drills: marking points on the ground, dodging, etc. And so, the Essential collection was designed: It's made up of clever, affordable products that serve a major purpose (marking out drills, creating targets, etc.) to help you run fun, effective training sessions for all age groups. These 15 cm cones are our first products from this new range. Follow the story!

Our soccer design team explains the Essential collection's identity

"When we decided to redesign the 15 cm cones, our objective was to make this product both unique and attractive. We wanted the design to show a direction: the difference between the matte plastic and the shiny plastic forms an arrow. It's a theme that's repeated throughout the Essential collection and helps establish the idea of direction during drills. And, of course, we wanted to make these accessories reliable and visible."

The right design and size for more intuitive training

"You can use them for giving directions, marking out areas, or doing dodging drills depending on the age group." David, Kipsta Test Manager and Coach, explains all:
"For kids, these 15 cm cones can be used as obstacles to dodge or as a slalom course. For adults, they could mark out a field. What's more, their shape is intuitive, so less explaining means less time wasted. Plus, kids will gain autonomy by ensuring that they set out the cones the right way."

Reliability and durability tested on the field

A unique appearance and intuitive design! But above all, we wanted these cones to continue enhancing your practices for as long as possible. To make sure they would, we tested our products on the field at the Kipstadium in Tourcoing and with U9, U10, and U11 players in Lens, France. These demanding tests in real playing conditions confirmed that the cone shape was not just reliable and durable, but totally unique!

Eco-friendly design

The environment is something that is very close to our hearts, so we worked hard to reduce these cones’ environmental impact. The volume of material used has been carefully studied to optimize consumption and achieve the best ratio between the quantity of material and durability. And by also eliminating the packaging, our eco-friendly efforts have reduced the product's CO2 emissions by 14%.

Stable cones on grass fields or artificial turf.

Our team had a clever idea for keeping the cones stable on artificial and grass fields: there are small notches in the base of each cone that work like a comb; blades of grass get caught inside, helping to anchor the cone against any sideways movement. Simple and effective!


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1 of 1 people recommends this product
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