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PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 930 Outdoor Freestyle Table Tennis Table + Cover
PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table



PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table

5 reviews
3 of 5 people recommends this product
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
  • PPT 930 Outdoor Freestyle Table Tennis Table + Cover
PPT 900 Free Table Tennis Table
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Our table tennis designers developed this table for your everyday outdoor and indoor games.


Easy to move

Easily move your table thanks to the 4 large wheels.

Easy to open/close

Very quick centralized tabletop opening/closing system.


Good stability thanks to the adjustable legs, 4 brakes and 50 mm feet


The tabletops and frame withstand adverse weather and UV light.


Enjoy improved bounce quality thanks to the 5 mm melamine tabletops.

Ball carrying

Keep your balls and paddles within reach thanks to the side storage.




Weight: 71 kg.
Table dim. when unfolded: 274 x 164 x 76 cm (without net) (L x W x H).
Table dim. when folded: 85 x 164 x 167 cm.
Box dimensions: 144 x 163 x 14 cm.


Each tabletop has four automatic locking points so that it can be locked in the open or closed position (it can be folded up for playing alone). 1 central handle locks/unlocks each tabletop in 5 seconds.


This table has four 50 mm-diameter legs whose height can be adjusted (50 mm) to work on any type of terrain.
The 4 brakes let you lock the wheels for more stability.


The four 25 cm wheels let you easily move your table over any type of ground, even very uneven ground.


Easily play and store your table: its melamine tabletop and rust-proof metal frame let you store it indoors or out.


The two 5 mm melamine tabletops attached to the 55x15 mm galvanized steel rim provide improved bounce quality for your rallies against your opponents.


The table is equipped with storage for 4 paddles and 4 balls (located on each side).


The 10-year warranty covers defects (other than scratches, rust, and discolouration) on the table, except for those resulting from normal wear and abnormal conditions of use. It will only be granted upon presentation of a sales receipt. Under this warranty, we will exchange the defective parts or table tennis table. The commercial warranty does not exclude the legal warranties applicable to each country.



3.4/5 5 reviews
3 of 5 people recommends this product
Quality product, not so hard to assemble
Eric (Canada) Used for 2 week or less
I hesitated to buy this table, based on the review indicating it is hard to assemble. I'm very glad I went with my gut feel that I could work it out if the instructions were ambiguous. Maybe the table I received had a different set of instructions than the other reviewer, but mine were very clear on how to assemble the components and more importantly, how NOT to assemble the components. Pictures show it all very clearly. Also, there are videos available online for each step in case you need help.
Now that the table is assembled (which took me a bit more than an hour, with 'help' from my kids, plus some genuine help from another adult - there is a step where you need two adults) we are really enjoying it. It wheels easily from our garage to the outdoors, and is made of very sturdy materials. We don't plan to let it get wet, but the laminated tabletop looks like it would handle moisture quite well. The wheels roll easily and lock with a foot lever, and the legs are easily adjustable if your terrain is not exactly flat.

A couple thoughts to aid in assembly:
Tools are included that will allow you to assemble the table. However, I found it very useful to have a ratchet wrench with metric socket to speed things up. A cordless driver would have sped things up even more.
Also, make sure you use the right bolts for each step. There are about 5 different sizes of bolts. Each step shows which to use, and only one size will work right for any given step, so it's important to get it right. If you get it wrong, it's not hard to swap out the bolts for the correct size.
The instructions show tightening guides in nm (newton-meters). Most of us don't have torque-measuring wrenches so just use common sense. Some require very little torque, others more (they give you a scale). Just don't over-tighten the bolts as they go through circular tubes and you could deform the tubes. The nuts for the bolts have a threadlocking plastic insert so they won't back out over time. Just make sure the bolts that act as pivots are not too tight to restrict motion.
The engineers at Decathlon have made a very good product, and the tech pubs folks there made good instructions.
Fantastic Quality
Stephanie (United Kingdom) Used for 8 to 12 months
The box arrived, containing twenty million pieces! We laid them all out on the deck, then four of us watched the assembly video from the given link, pausing it after each step. After about 20 minutes assembling it, we'd only watched the first few seconds of the video.... we thought it was going to be a long night! Fortunately, we managed to speed up and got it fully assembled in about an hour. The table is VERY sturdy and SO EASY to put up and fold back away again. The wheels are robust and allow it to move smoothly and easily. They each have brakes to stop the table moving when in storage or in game play. We bought the cover (which isn't cheap, but well worth the money) and left it outside all year including in the harsh North East winter weather. When we unzipped it in late spring, we were surprised to see that the table was still in a clean and immaculate condition, with only one spider living within it. We're so impressed with the design and build quality. Added to that, there's a 10 year guarantee, just in case anything should go wrong. We can't recommend this enough. Yes, it's a pain to put up, but so worth it and easy to manoeuvre into position to have hours of fun.
Table tennis table
Michael (United Kingdom) Used for 8 to 12 months Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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Terrible assembly instructions
Miriam (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
I'm sure it's a nice table but the assembly instructions are impossible. We've finally nearly finished putting the table together and just realised that the wheels were the wrong way round. There was nothing on the instructions to indicate which way they went. Now we have to dissemble the whole thing and start again. Given that this is a £470 product I would have expected much higher quality instructions. Seriously annoyed at the massive waste of time.
Arrived damaged - Customer Sevices dire!
Alan (United Kingdom) Used for 4 to 6 months
Birthday present for a child. Arrived with table playing area damaged, noticed when part way through setting it up, months of trying to get it sorted out with Customer Services (open during covid to sell to people but conveniently unavailable when you have a problem!), finally a return is agreed, a collection van turns up & cant fit it in! Now it has to be taken apart and re-packaged (no easy feat) before it can be collected, "due to size" (it doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to realise that the size is not going to be a whole lot smaller by doing this!), delay delay delay! and of course still no refund! Cant really comment on the product apart from it is clearly quite flimsy for £400.00 + and of course if anything goes wrong the Customer Service is really poor!
Response of the brand

Hi Alan,

Sorry to hear about the delays on the process. We are having an increase on online orders therefore our teams are overloaded, but this isn't an excuse to provide a bad service. Please reply to my private message to follow up this issue.



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