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SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women



SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women

4 reviews
4 of 4 people recommends this product
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
  • SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
SH520 X-Warm Insulated Boots – Women
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These versatile waterproof boots are made for hiking on packed snow, snowshoeing, and icy city sidewalks.



Comfort temperature – when stationary: -4°C; – when moving: -16°C.


The waterproof and breathable membrane keeps your feet dry.


Tread with Snow Contact technology: sole materials and tread pattern for snow.


The position and depth of the 5 mm lugs provide traction on snow.


Mid-height upper with 2 hooks at the top for optimal support.


These warm waterproof shoes are ideal for snowshoeing. The Snow Contact sole

This shoe’s warm and insulating materials provide good protection against snow and cold.
Lab- and field-tested with hikers. We verified the comfort temperature both at rest and walking because this varies a lot: -4°C when stationary and -16°C when moving. We also considered the difference between how men and women experience temperature.

How do your shoes protect you from outdoor conditions?

A membrane ensures optimal water-resistance. A membrane is a very fine component (5 to 25 micrometres) affixed to the inside of a fabric that prevents water infiltration but allows moisture to escape. These shoes keep your feet both warm and dry. The sole insulates against contact with snow.

Breathable shoes for optimal thermal comfort.

Thermal comfort is a balance between the warmth and breathability. Too much heat or not enough breathability lets moisture accumulate and cold to set in. Inspired by your activities, occasional or regular, a membrane prevents water infiltration on one side and lets moisture escape on the other.

How can you be sure that your shoes are 100% waterproof?

To ensure your boots are waterproof, our laboratory tests simulated walking with the boots half-submerged in water. Field tests measured wear and aging. We tested three levels of waterproofing: 2,000 flexes (approx. 4-km hike), 4,000 flexes (approx. 8-km hike), and 8,000 flexes (approx. 16-km hike). This shoe has been tested for up to 8,000 flexes, which is equivalent to 16 km of walking.

What is the difference between traction and grip?

A shoe’s traction depends on the number and shape of the lugs. The grip depends on the sole materials and the tread pattern, like car tires. Traction optimizes propulsion, prevents slipping when going uphill, and stabilizes the shoes.
Grip prevents the shoes from slipping and skidding on smooth ground or in demanding conditions (rain, snow, and ice).

What are the advantages of Snow Contact technology?

The Snow Contact soles are designed using a specific component and stud pattern (5 mm) to provide the best possible grip and traction. Snow Contact soles are more effective on snow than traditional soles. When walking on ice, adding anti-slip grips to your shoes is the only way to ensure optimum safety.

Why is support important?

The support provided by your shoes is essential for your walking comfort. Good support optimizes your ascent and descent over hilly terrain, prevents your foot from sliding in the shoe, and reduces blisters. Because transmitting energy to the shoe is easier, you become less tired. This is especially important when snowshoeing.

Are your shoes suitable for snowshoeing?

We designed these shoes for hiking on snow, with or without snowshoes. The upper of the shoe (mid-height) combined with gaiters (external or integrated in the pants), helps prevent snow getting in. Waterproof and warm, their support and rigidity are more suited to snowshoeing.

Will your shoes withstand regular use over the long term?

This product was lab-tested by our engineers to ensure your total satisfaction. We tested the following elements: tear resistance of eyelets and straps, bonding, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion resistance of outsole and upper components, and accelerated aging.

How to choose the right footwear for snow hiking

To be well equipped in winter, follow these principles:
Warmth: wear warm socks (ideally with a good percentage of wool).
Breathability: Choose socks based on the intensity of the hike and, to minimize moisture, make sure they’re breathable.
Shoe height: the height of the sock should correspond to the height of the shoe; for more protection, choose higher socks.

How should you preserve the technical qualities of your shoes?

Water repellency is a fabric’s capacity to make water run off its surface without being absorbed. It prevents the fabric from soaking up water, keeping it lightweight, warm, and breathable. Water repellency is achieved by treating the fabric’s exterior. This treatment needs to be reapplied throughout the product’s lifetime. Products (spray or liquid) designed specifically for this purpose are available in our stores.

Perfect for your cold-weather hikes.

We designed these shoes as part of the ideal cold-weather hiking outfit: the SH500 outfit. Equipped with your pants, SH500 fleece, SH520 shoes and your SH500 snowshoes, you will be able to enjoy your snow excursions in almost any weather. No more waiting for ideal conditions or taking everything with you in your backpack, just travel light and well-equipped!

How does my product warranty work?

This product is guaranteed for two years from the date shown on the sales receipt. A product covered by the warranty will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. The warranty covers product defects, excluding those resulting from normal wear and tear or improper use.

Our products' environmental impact

The environmental impact of the product is calculated over its entire life cycle using different indicators. An ABCDE rating shows the environmental impact of a product. Put forward by ADEME, it takes into account production, transportation, usage, and waste generated at the end of a product’s life. Decathlon displays this information voluntarily to help you identify products with lower environmental impact. Learn more at http://sustainability.decathlon.com/


4.8/5 4 reviews
4 of 4 people recommends this product
Perfect for snowshoes
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Perfect for
Snowshoes and really warm
Does the job
carolina (Canada)
Theses boots are great for weather between -1 and -20 celcious I also wear warm socks underneath so my feet are warm and cozy. I like that they are light not heavy like other boots. I use these to do my groceries or to go to work or commuting in the city. Theses boots don’t grip so well on icy sidewalks so be careful and keep that detail in mind. For now theses boots do the job well.
Love Them
Ankita (India) Used for 2 week or less
Very comfortable cushioning... height is very comfortable to walk in...
First time buyer of walking boots
Catherine (United Kingdom) Used for 2 week or less
Bought these to walk up Snowdon in. First time putting them on and wearing them for a substantial time I cannot recommend these boots enough. Zero pinching or rubbing for the entire day and we did over 6 hours of walking! My feet felt supported and cushioned the whole time. Brilliant boot and I can't recommend them enough.
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