Pagaies et accessoires de kayaks

Découvrez notre gamme de pagaies démontables, rigides et fixes pour le canot et le kayak. Vous trouverez aussi chez Décathlon tous les accessoires nécessaires à la pratique, comme des pompes, des laisses de pagaie et des articles de transport.

Our Range of Kayak Accessories

For lovers of water sports, enjoy a wide selection of kayak accessories to prepare for the summer. Whether you enjoy exploring lakes, rivers, or seas, we offer a variety of equipment to enhance your outdoor experience. Ready for an adventure? Then, embark on your inflatable kayak and set off to conquer new spaces!

Paddle with Confidence with Safe Accessories

Our paddle models are designed to improve your performance while offering comfortable and controlled navigation. Lightweight and made from high-quality materials such as carbon or fibreglass, enjoy kayak paddles designed for long-lasting exploration without tiring!

Accessories for All Needs

Regardless of your preferences and types of expeditions, Decathlon offers a complete range of kayak accessories. For full days or long hikes, enjoy our waterproof bags for kayaks. And for added comfort and safety on the water, we offer elastic cables for paddles as well as life jackets.

Your Inflatable Kayak Essentials

To offer you an optimal experience on the water, we offer a wide collection of kayaks and canoes. To be ready to embark as soon as the opportunity arises, take advantage of our different kayak pumps. We offer manual versions and electric models to get you on the water in just a few minutes.

Decathlon: Your Outdoor Experts

As an exclusive designer, manufacturer, and distributor of sports equipment for over 60 sports and activities, Decathlon is proud to offer quality equipment for the whole family! In addition to our kayak accessories, enjoy a complete range of equipment for all your water sports, indoor sports, or outdoor activities.