It's spring

Let's roll it!

Workout at home

You don't want to venture out to exercise? No problem! We have everything you need to create your own home gym, such as: treadmills, indoor bikes, rowing machines, and weightlifting accessories to help you reach your fitness goals.

A new set of wheels

Spring is on the way, so why not dust off your bike, scooter, and inline skates? Running, walking, or cycling to work has many benefits that positively impact your mood, health and the environment! It's also a great way to rediscover your area.

About Decathlon

Sports for All. All for Sports.

Our goal is to make sports accessible to the many. Shop affordable gear for all the sports you love, and maybe even try something new! Take advantage of our 2-year warranty on all products in-store and online. Learn about our membership perks and discover our unique in-store experience and sports activities.