Snorkeling Gear & Equipment

Diving Equipment for the Whole Family

From wetsuits to fins and swimsuits, Decathlon offers you a complete selection of scuba diving equipment and snorkeling gear. Whether it's for the kids' first underwater experience or beginner swimmers, we provide a range of water masks, goggles, water shoes, and accessories for hours of marine observation and underwater discovery at the beach!

A Wide Range of Diving Accessories

Discover the joys of scuba diving and start by exploring aquatic areas underwater! Discover our snorkel equipment including snorkel masks, for both young and adult swimmers. We have comfortable, durable, and high-performing materials and options to unveil the secrets of the se

abed from the water's surface, playing at the beach or swimming around the deeper parts of your pool.


Our Diving Shoes and Fins

To complete your scuba gear, once you have your snorkel mask, and protect your feet on your next scuba or swimming activities, discover our selection of water shoes ideal at the lake, the beach, or exploring underwater treasures. Comfortable, fun designs, and easy to slip on,

our aquatic shoes feature a grippy sole and adapt to any foot type. And to give you momentum underwater, explore our range of diving fins and flippers for your next outdoor activities.


Solutions to Stay Warm

Whether you're a beginner or advanced scuba diver, we offer snorkeling gear for all levels. To stay in comfort and protect you from the cold and chafing, we offer a variety of snorkeling rash guards & wetsuits

. With all types of shapes, sizes, designs, and options, our neoprene wetsuits adapt to all needs and conditions making it easier to paddle with your snorkel mask.


Decathlon: Your Partner for Underwater Adventures

Decathlon provides a comprehensive range of scuba diving equipment and water sports gear. Plan your adventures with our durable, high-performance products suitable for the whole family. We ensure an active lifestyle is accessible to everyone, offering quality and comfort at co

mpetitive prices.