Diving & Snorkeling Masks

What better way to discover the seabed than with snorkel masks? Made with quality materials, our snorkel masks and snorkel kits offer exceptional panoramic vision to admire the beauty of the underwater world. And with our selection of snorkels, you can breathe freely to appreciate every spectacle the sea, the lake, or the pool has to offer.

Wide Selection of Snorkels and Diving Masks

Is water your element and you're always looking for new aquatic explorations? Whether you're a passionate scuba diver or a coastal exploration enthusiast, we have all the necessary equipment to fully enjoy your activity. Discover all our snorkeling gear & equipment and our range of snorkels and full-face snorkel masks.

A Snorkel Mask for Every Level

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, our snorkel masks and snorkel kits adapt to different skill levels. For beginner divers, opt for our beginner snorkel masks. And if you want a more immersive experience, we also offer full-face snorkel masks that allow natural

breathing. Discover our range of sizes online and in stores.


Your Complete Equipment for Diving

Are you ready to experience unforgettable moments in the water? Make sure you have all the suitable gear to start off right! Discover our wide range of diving fins to propel you in the water or explore our different water shoes to walk safely and comfortably

 on the beach, pebbles, or rocks.


Comfortable, Durable, and Resilient Diving Solutions

Paired with our wetsuits, our snorkel masks and snorkel kits are made to last. Designed with mineral glass lenses, you benefit from a wide, clear peripheral vision underwater. And to swim and observe the beauty of the seabed in peace, our snorkels are equipped with improved va

lves and deflectors, as well as a comfortable frame. There's a style and design for everyone, from kids to adults.


Decathlon: Partner of Water Sports Enthusiasts

Ready to kick off the summer with top-notch gear? At Decathlon, we are proud to offer quality products at affordable prices. Our snorkel masks and snorkel kits are no exception to the rule! We are constantly seeking sustainable and innovative solutions to offer you high-perfor

mance equipment, while respecting your budget. SO enjoy your next underwater adventure.