Swim Belts & Vests

At Decathlon, each swim belt and each swim vest is a promise. A promise of adventure, confidence, and fun. We invite you to join us in this aquatic adventure, to dive into the wonderful world of water with your kids.

Swimming Gear for Babies and Kids

In the aquatic world, every stroke, every dive is one step towards aquatic growth. For your kids, discovering water is something unique. They can learn to have fun, develop skills and be confident when they are around water with our swimming belts. Our swim belts and swim vests, for babies and kids are the first steps on their journey to a splashing good time. Who knows, they may even discover a new passion for water sports!

Swim Vests for Safety and Confidence

Our products are true water companions, designed to inspire confidence while ensuring safety. Our swim belts and vests are your invisible allies, preserving your child's balance. Our swimming floatation belt frames every movement, every breath in the baby pool, regular pool, t

he lake or the sea.


Designed for Durability

Every stitch, every buckle, every inflation is thoughtfully considered and executed with the utmost care. Our swimming gear is designed for comfort and durability, while being incredibly lightweight. They are the totems of confidence for your little swimmers.

Colours for Every Style

Our products are a true parade of colours, bringing joy with every ripple of water. The fiery reds, the sky blues, the joyful yellows are like bursts of laughter in a world of azure. They are your kids' most colourful companions, under the Canadian sun.

Decathlon Canada: Respect for Nature Above All

In our pursuit of excellence, we have never forgotten our responsibility towards nature. Our products are sustainable, made with durable and recyclable materials. We are proud to be the ethical choice for your aquatic adventures.