Swimming Wetsuits & Triathlon Swimsuits

Our triathlon wetsuits and equipment and suits are an ode to performance, and each element is meticulously designed to improve your speed, endurance, and efficiency. They are your competition armour, combining cutting-edge technology with advanced ergonomics to help you achieve your ambitious goals.

Thermal combination: The symphony of adaptability

Our triathlon swimsuits are a harmony of adaptability, transforming harmoniously for each stage of your event. They offer optimum buoyancy for swimming, flexibility for cycling, and breathability for running. You can also choose from our selection of swimming towels and accessories for maximum comfort.

Unleash your inner night owl

Embrace the allure of nighttime running with our sleek and lightweight running lights. Designed exclusively for runners, these lights are a testament to modern technology's marriage with athleticism. Feel the adrenaline as you conquer the darkness, one step at a time, while th

e luminous glow guides you toward your fitness goals.


Triathlon equipment that resists the elements

Our triathlon swimsuit and equipment can withstand any elements, designed to withstand water, wind, and sun. They are your allies against Mother Nature, protecting you while allowing you to give your best in all conditions. Discover swimming goggles

 and swimming helmets to go with your triathlon suit for added comfort.


An odyssey of endurance

Our neoprene triathlon swimming wetsuits and equipment are an endurance odyssey designed to accompany your sustained efforts. They're there for every breath, every pedal stroke, every stride, supporting your quest to surpass yourself.

Triathlon swimming wetsuits designed for excellence

Every piece of equipment, every triathlon swimsuit, is an invitation to excellence, a call to push your limits. We invite you to wrap yourself in total comfort to propel yourself towards performance with our high-quality triathlon equipment and ranges. Drop by the Decathlon ne

arest you and explore our latest swimming gear.