Paddle Board Wetsuits & Rash Guards

The paddle board wetsuit is a must-have companion for water sports enthusiasts! Enjoy a comprehensive selection of UV-protective t-shirts and rash guards, as well as short and long neoprene suits to accompany you on all your expeditions. Durable, comfortable, and high-performance solutions for paddle board lovers.

Wide Selection of Paddle Board Suits

In any circumstance, our various paddle board wetsuit items protect you from UV rays, chafing, or insulate your skin from the cold throughout your expedition. Ready to hit the water? Then, grab your inflatable paddle board, your paddle, and your wetsuit to conquer new spaces!

Optimal Protection from Head to Toe with our Paddle Board Wetsuit

Every condition has its paddle sport wetsuit! For hot and sunny days, we recommend paddle board rash guards that protect your skin from UV rays. For sessions on cold water, opt for our range of paddleboard wetsuits and neoprene booties. Also, enjoy paddle board shoes to stay s

table on your board!


How to Choose Your Paddle Board Wetsuit?

To find the models that suit your needs, use our filters at the top of the page. Select your choice of products (tops, suits, and hats), sizes, brand, and price to get the equipment you're looking for. Also, choose your paddle board clothing according to the season and tempera



All Your Paddle Board Accessories at Hand

To complete your paddle board gear, Decathlon offers a complete range of accessories, online and in stores! Take advantage of our paddle board pumps to inflate your paddle in moments. And to navigate safely, discover our different paddle board life jackets



Decathlon: Your Outdoor Fun Supplier

Passionate about water sports, our experts offer improved paddle board wetsuits and equipment to enhance your outdoor experience. All our products are exclusively designed, manufactured, and distributed and offer advanced solutions and technologies for each sport. Plus, we off

er affordable prices, without compromising on quality!