Surfing Swimsuits, Bikinis & Shorts

Are you looking for the perfect surf suit designed for all your wave-riding adventures? Enjoy a wide range of surfer swimsuits for women and men, thoughtfully designed for all your needs while surfing. From surf shorts, surf bikinis, one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, you'll find a variety of shapes and models for memorable moments on the water.

Wide Selection of Surf Suits

No matter if you're an expert surfer, an intermediate surfer, or just starting out in surfing, Decathlon offers an extensive selection of surf gear for every skill level. Benefit from our men's surf suits, wetsuits, and high-quality women's models, all at competitive prices. Dive into the details of each product at the bottom of the page to find the perfect fit for your surfing needs!

How to Find the Right Swimsuit?

Looking for a particular model? Use our filters to get results that meet your criteria! Select from our range of surf suits based on the model, shape, size, design, and even colour. And for your outings in cooler waters,

 we have our neoprene wetsuits to keep you warm.


Wide Range of Surf Suits and Rashguards for Women Designed for Comfort and Freedom

To ensure your surfing sessions are as comfortable and effortless as possible, we offer a diverse range of surf suits and rashguards. From sports bras and bandeaus and surf shorts, we provide a wide selection of women's surf swimsuits and bikinis. Each model is designed with y

our comfort and unrestricted movement in mind while you're out on the water.


Surf Accessories

In addition to our various men's and women's surf suits, Decathlon offers equipment exclusively dedicated to surfers, with top-notch gear. Discover our surf ponchos and towels to warm up after exertion, as well as our sandals, leashes, waxes, and even surfboard covers.

Decathlon: Water Sports for Everyone

To experience memorable moments in the water, whether at sea, in the ocean or the lake, the Decathlon brand offers quality gear accessible to all. Discover our range of products designed by experts in your disciplines, manufactured and sold exclusively in our stores and on our

website, at affordable prices!